Ventilation of laying hens in winter

When raising chickens in the henhouse, one of the important points to remember is to ventilate in time, even in winter. Although the chicken manure smells much less in winter than in summer, ventilation is also necessary. If the ventilation of the henhouse is too small in winter, it will be very unfavorable to the growth and development of the chickens, which will make the chickens in the henhouse very easy to get sick and increase the work of farmers.


The laying hen automatic poultry farm equipment price in ghana must be mechanically ventilated. Depending on the direction of airflow in the house, the chicken breeding equipment is provided with two methods of horizontal and vertical ventilation. Horizontal ventilation refers to the direction of the airflow in the house perpendicular to the long axis of the house; longitudinal ventilation refers to a ventilation method in which a large number of fans are concentrated in one place so that the airflow in the house is parallel to the long axis of the house. Each group of ventilation windows of the laying hen equipment can be opened at three angles at the same time for more uniform ventilation. The opening of the air intake window close to the fan is small, and the opening far from the fan is large, so as to achieve uniform ventilation. The opening and closing of the air intake window uses a plastic wheel, which has low rolling friction and low resistance. The plastic window contains UV-resistant raw materials and has a longer service life. The intake window spring is made of stainless steel, which is strong and durable. The ventilation device of the laying hen equipment can adopt automatic control, and the environmental controller controls the motor to pull the opening of the small window air door according to the pressure difference set by the chicken house. During the breeding process, reasonable use of chicken breeding equipment should be used to increase ventilation. In sunny breeze weather, the ventilation function of chicken breeding equipment can be turned on. In addition, in winter, do not use ventilation for insulation purposes.


Poultry supplies for broilers are suitable for large scale farming.



Layer features:

1. Cascade breeding, the number of layers can be selected, up to 10 layers, the unit space breeding density is extremely high, the breeding output is large, and the benefits can be reasonably doubled.

2. Automatic feeding and drinking, saving manpower, improving labor productivity, and increasing egg-to-feed ratio.

3. Automatic egg collection, reducing labor cost, high efficiency and stability.

4. Conveying automatic decontamination, dry and sanitary, saving labor, and can be decontaminated many times a day, which greatly reduces the respiratory diseases of chickens.

5. Feeding concentration, reducing the mobile exposure of staff in the chicken house, which is conducive to chicken disease prevention and control in battery cage for chickens

Advantages of using stepped laying hen egg cages

Seven advantages of using chicken equipment for step-by-step laying hen egg cages:

1. Chicken breeding equipment The structure of the stepped egg cages is that the cages are stacked one on top of the other, and they do not overlap each other. Times, and the equipment is simple to operate and rugged.

2. Ladder cage cage and bottom net are encrypted to effectively prevent chickens from pecking feathers and pussy anus, reducing egg breaking rate and laying syndrome fatigue syndrome.

3. The stepped layer chicken cages produced by most manufacturers use hot-dip galvanizing technology, which has a long service life; Q235 material has large elasticity and is not easy to bend.

4. The thickened wire structure of the front mesh is more firm, the structure is reasonable, and the energy consumption is low.

5. Unique cage door design, the cage door has more space, and the position of the chickens can be arbitrarily changed, which effectively solves the crowding of the chickens when they eat, and ensures that the chickens eat more evenly.

6. Conveyor-type manure cleaning is used to dry chicken manure into granules to reduce environmental pollution and high reuse rate of chicken manure;

7. The ventilation effect of the step-type laying hen cage is better to ensure that the laying hens in the cage system will not die from suffocation due to excessive temperature.

I believe that through the introduction above, farmers already know what are the advantages of laying hens in a stepped cage. The use of stepped layer hen cages can help farmers better manage layer hen farms, thereby successfully raising layer hens and increasing the economic benefits of layer hen farmers. However, farmers need to pay attention to the need to consider the actual size of the chicken farm when considering the equipment of the chicken farm.

Issues in the management of caged broilers

1. Questions about temperature
(1) Reasonable display (height and number) of thermometers The length and width of the chicken house are large in standardized chicken house feeding, and the temperature in the chicken house is not consistent between the east and west and north and south sides. You should pay attention to the reasonable placement of the thermometer. Put a thermometer in each of the east, middle, and west to get the average temperature in the house.

(2) Summer cooling measures (wet curtain)
In summer, the temperature in the chicken house can be reduced through the wet curtain. At the same time, the opening time of the wet curtain should be paid attention to avoid the temperature in the chicken house being too low or the temperature in the chicken house being inconsistent, causing the chicken to have a cold.

Good light in chicken house can greatly promote chicken growth.

(3) Temperature control in autumn
The temperature difference between day and night in autumn is large, and the temperature in the chicken house should be adjusted to avoid the phenomenon of high and low temperature.

(4) Thermal insulation in winter
In winter, the temperature in the house is increased by heating or blowers.

2. Attention in density

Paying attention to the density of the broiler in the cage is actually to observe the different feed intake of each cage chicken and adjust the number of each cage chicken to achieve uniform feeding.

3. Problems to pay attention to in immunity

When caged broiler chickens are immunized, drinking immunization method is often adopted. During immunization, attention should be paid to the dose of the vaccine and the drinking time. The drinking time should not be too long, and too long may cause the vaccine immune titer to decrease.

When using drinking water to immunize, you should pay attention to add skimmed milk powder, skimmed milk powder can increase the immune effect of the vaccine, or cooperate with Zhongmulide’s “immune super-antibody” or “epileptic pentapeptide”.

The above are the management problems that farmers need to pay attention to when using automatic chicken battery cages to raise broilers. I hope it can be helpful to farmers.

The development trend of broiler farms

As current farmers use battery cage system design price in Uganda to raise chickens, it will become easier and easier to raise chickens. If you want to obtain good benefits, you must adapt to the development of the times and change your own breeding model in a timely manner. With the pace of the market, what is the current development trend of the chicken industry?

 1. The environmental maintenance of chickens is the trend: now the country is promoting environmental protection for various industries, and the chicken industry is no exception. Now many pig farms and chicken industries are renovating their own environment, saving energy and reducing emissions, and reducing chicken production. Environmental pollution is the current development trend of the chicken industry. In the past, manure from chicken farms flowed everywhere, flies were flying around, and the smell around the chicken farm was very bad. If it is not remedied, it will definitely affect the outside air environment and people. Healthy life, so ring maintenance chicken is a must-do.




2. Professional management is the trend: As the chicken industry has become more and more large-scale, the equipment is professional. Of course, the management and technology of chicken farming must also be constantly upgraded. Only professional people do professional work. To succeed, no breeder can raise chickens, understand water and electricity, and manage people and see a doctor. Therefore, it is the trend to hand over each task to a professional person. Cooperation and win-win results are mutually beneficial.


3. Large-scale, intensive farming is the trend: large-scale, intensive chicken farming is now actively promoted by the chicken industry, many chicken farmers have achieved large-scale chicken farming models, and some small- scale farmers are small in scale The backwardness of broiler feeding equipment and chicken farming technology has not been able to adapt to the development of the chicken industry, and the benefits have little or no loss. Therefore, small-scale farmers must change the current breeding situation in order to win in the chicken Poultry Rearing Equipment.


 4. Green chicken without drugs is imperative: With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, there are higher requirements for food. Green food is no stranger to us. More and more people value food safety. How farmers can produce green and safe chicken products is something that farmers need to consider now, which is related to the economic benefits of farmers and people’s health.

How to repair laying hen breeding equipment?

How to repair laying hen breeding equipment? Layer egg chicken cages is a device that is more popular with farmers, and it is also more convenient to use. However, we must also pay attention to maintenance during the use. The following author will explain to you how the laying hen breeding equipment is overhauled.

1. In order to ensure the service life of the equipment, the user should regularly fill the transmission parts such as the transmission case, transmission sprocket and gear with lubricating oil when using it. Lubricate each transmission sprocket of the central egg concentrator, and lubricate the central manure transfer system and central egg transfer system.

Observe your flocks in time will prevent your chickens from death greatly.

2. Clean the surface of the egg transfer roller and the manure roller in time to prevent the accumulation of debris and cause the manure belt to swell or break the roller shaft.

3. Clean up the impurities in the soft and broken egg collection tray in time.

4. Ventilation system should adjust the side wall ventilation and roof ventilation appropriately according to the season.

5. The lighting hens should be kept clean and the laying hen breeding equipment should be overhauled to prevent the light intensity from being affected.

The above is what the author explained to you, related knowledge about the maintenance of laying hen breeding equipment. If you have any questions about the knowledge mentioned above, you can consult the technical staff of the poultry farming equipment suppliers.

Maize farming technology and management in the farm

The breeding of laying hens is a key link. Only the laying hens can guarantee the benefits of laying hens and maintain good sustainable development. How should the laying hens in the layer chicken cages price in nigeria be managed?


 Feed properly, don’t suddenly refuel. At present, most chicken-professional households generally use full-price compound feed. Because the chicken has a habit of feeding the feed, if the new feed is suddenly changed, it will affect the appetite and egg production of the chicken, and the egg production rate will decrease. Adjust the amount of feed according to the temperature. In winter, the proportion of high-energy feed should be increased in the feed, and the protein content should be appropriately reduced. The amount of feed is appropriately increased to ensure that the chicken grows and the eggs are not affected by the low temperature.


It is necessary to ensure uninterrupted supply of clean drinking water in poultry feeder price in nigeria and increase the feeding amount of green vegetables to improve the feeding ability of laying hens. In the hot summer, you should pay attention to the supply of clean cold water. You can also add chopped watermelon rind every day, which not only prevents heat stroke of the laying hens, but also improves the laying rate of laying hens. Do not drink cold water in the winter, to clean the warm water, not only can prevent the gastrointestinal gastrointestinal cold from getting sick, but also keep body heat.



Poultry farming equipment for sale of poultry feeders can divided into automation feeders and manual feeders, each of them can meet your chickens' water supply.

Light management can promote the growth and development of the chicken body, and stimulate the reproductive system to accelerate the development of the ovary. Laying hens are sensitive to light and use proper light to receive good egg production. The light time during the laying stage can only be increased and not shortened, and the time required for laying eggs should not be less than 12 hours and no longer than 16 hours. Increasing the light during the laying period is preferably 15 minutes per week or every two and a half hours, until 14 to 16 hours. The illumination length is more important than the illumination brightness. When the illumination length reaches 14~16 hours, the time of turning on and off the lights should be fixed to prevent the chicken from being stressed.


In the production process, sudden changes in any environmental conditions can cause frightening and frightening reaction of the flock. Any kind of stress will cause great harm to the chicken body, causing imbalance in the body balance. 


The outstanding performance is appetite. Lack of energy, nervousness, and even violent collisions caused by visceral bleeding, increased mortality, decreased egg production rate, and the production of soft shell eggs, even after the elimination of stress, can no longer reach the peak of egg production. The factors causing stress are climate, summer heat stress, cold stress in winter; environmental, such as poor sanitary condition of the house, excessive stocking density, poor ventilation, high concentration of harmful gases, sudden changes in temperature and humidity; Management, such as feeding, improper drinking water, lighting procedures change, the outside noise is too large, anti-epidemic catch chicken, etc.; epidemics, such as improper epidemic prevention, infection and other diseases. In actual production, efforts should be made to reduce stress and minimize the harm. If the staff enters the chicken house, do not wear bright and beautiful clothes. The specific time for laying hens should choose the weather with appropriate temperature and avoid the rainy weather. Hot summer is best done at night, it is easy to catch chickens at night, and can avoid surprises and reduce stress. Therefore, we should carefully formulate and strictly implement the scientific chicken house management procedures. The chicken house should be kept by the nurses. The daily work procedures should not be easily changed. The movement should be stable and the sound should be light. Try to reduce the number of entrances and exits to keep the house quiet. 




How to achieve automatic chicken cage equipment to raise chicken?

The chicken industry in Ghana has been on the road of rapid development in recent years, and more and more fully automatic equipment has appeared in the chicken industry. For users of large-scale laying hens and broilers, it is good news to be able to use automated poultry farming equipment to help them with farming. Now many farmers have realized automatic chicken cage equipment to raise chickens. How do they achieve this?

In order to achieve full-automatic chicken cage equipment to raise chicken, the first thing is to purchase poultry farm equipment. Automatic chicken cage equipment not only has chicken cage equipment, but also needs to purchase automatic cleaning machine and automatic feeding machine. Users of farmed laying hens also need to purchase fully automatic egg collecting machines, which can automatically complete the chicken raising work in the chicken house and improve the efficiency of the farmers.

Observe your flocks in time will prevent your chickens from death greatly.

In addition, the chicken raising method has improved, and the previous chicken raising technology is no longer suitable for automatic chicken cage equipment breeding. Farmers should learn modern chicken raising techniques to ensure the healthy growth of the flocks. With equipment and scientific and reasonable management techniques, farmers can obtain higher economic benefits.

The automatic chicken cage equipment breeding is high-density chickens, and the number of chickens is relatively large, so farmers must pay attention to the prevention and treatment of diseases. It is necessary to have the idea of prevention greater than treatment. Otherwise, if the chicken is sick, it may affect other chicken flocks in large quantities, causing serious losses to the farmers. When the chickens are transferred to the chicken cages, the farmers are also vaccinated, which can effectively control the disease. At the same time, farmers must learn the correct immunization program before they can be immunized successfully.

The above is what the author has told me. I hope that farmers can raise chickens with high efficiency with the help of fully automatic chicken cage equipment.

Characteristics of three-dimensional farming using chicken farming equipment

With the continuous development of the times, the chicken raising method in the chicken industry and the farming ideas of the farmers have been greatly changed and updated. Now the chicken industry is more inclined to raise the chicken equipment in a three-dimensional way of raising chickens. The space of the chicken house is utilized, and then the direction of large-scale farming is realized. The three-dimensional breeding of chicken equipment has realized a big leap in the chicken industry. The characteristics of three-dimensional farming using chicken equipment are:

1. Economical: The use of chicken farming equipment for three-dimensional farming can greatly save farmers’ demand for land, labor, energy consumption (water, electricity, coal). Nowadays, the demand for laying hen and broilers is increasing. If you want to expand the number of cultures, farmers should expand the land area if they do not use chicken cages for breeding. Nowadays land is expensive and difficult to use. With chicken battery cage system for breeding, it is easy to increase the quantity and it is easier to manage, which can reduce the user’s need for manpower.

The galvanized steel cage equipment are widely used in some poultry farming manufacturers.

2. Standardization: The use of chicken equipment for three-dimensional breeding, equipment and complete functions, can achieve a scientific feeding management process. And if the farmer purchases automatic chicken equipment, it can also realize the heavy work of automatic feeding, clearing manure, automatic egg collecting, etc. The equipment such as fan curtain can ensure the comfortable environment of the chicken house, the material level of the chicken cage is sufficient, and the water level is reasonable. The density is suitable. The superior growth environment increases the survival rate of the chicken, reduces the incidence rate, reduces the residual rate, and improves the welfare of the chicken.

3. Scale: The farmers adopt the three-dimensional culture, that is, the cage culture method, and the chickens are cultured in cages to achieve scale. And the management is convenient, the range of activities of the flock is limited, the physical energy consumption is reduced, the feed compensation is improved, and the uniformity is better. Moreover, cages are more able to detect sick and weak chickens in time, which is convenient for timely elimination and treatment. Chickens are kept in chicken cages, and the chickens do not directly contact the feces, which can significantly reduce the incidence of flocks.

4. Environmental protection safety: The farmers use the automatic chicken cleaning equipment to carry out the work of clearing the feces, which can make the chicken manure not fall to the ground, and can automatically clear the feces, improve the efficiency, and regularly clear the feces. When the chicken manure is cleaned up, the chicken manure is dried, away from the fermentation, and the large amount of ammonia in the house is eliminated.

5. Food safety: Stereoculture with chicken equipment is conducive to disease control and eliminates drug residues. Large-scale production is conducive to traceability of the source and ensure food safety.

The above five points are the characteristics and advantages of using poultry farming equipment – chicken battery cage system breeding, only for farmers to refer to and learn, if you have other questions, please contact us!

Precautions for Raising Chickens in Spring in Farms

At present, most chickens are raised with chicken Poultry Rearing Equipment. Spring is the season when everything recovers. Hens enter the peak of egg production. In order to obtain good economic benefits, attention must be paid to timely adjust the nutritional composition of chicken feed to ensure the perfection and sufficiency of various nutrients in daily ration.


Practice has proved that the temperature is closely related to the feed intake of chickens, and the temperature gradually rises in spring. If you continue to feed high-energy feed during the wintering period, you will increase the weight of laying hens, thus affecting the laying rate. The scientific approach is to reduce the proportion of corn and other cereals in the diet.


We can provide you service for the installation of chicken cage equipment.



Hens in cages consume more protein during the laying period, and the consumption is related to the laying rate of chickens, so the protein raw materials in chicken feed should be increased according to the improvement of the laying rate of chickens. The method is to properly add high-quality fish meal, bean cake, etc. to the daily ration, and to add as little miscellaneous meal as possible when the cost allows. When hens lay eggs, the demand for calcium increases. For example, calcium deficiency in chicken feed will affect the quality of eggshells, thus increasing the number of damaged eggs. In serious cases, chickens will lay soft-shelled and shelled eggs. Phosphorus deficiency and calcium deficiency can also cause discomfort to laying hens, such as pica of pecking feathers, anus and eggs. Therefore, once indigestion, anorexia, weight loss and other phenomena are found in laying hens, the causes should be investigated and the content of mineral additives in the diet should be increased accordingly.


Vitamin, especially vitamin D in chicken poultry farming equipment, should be supplemented in time. When the diet is short for a long time, the egg production of laying hens will decrease, the eggshells will become soft and thin, and the absorption of calcium will also be seriously affected. When laying more eggs, the consumption of vitamins also increases, so some green feed can be properly fed and the consumption of multi-vitamin in chicken feed can be increased.

How to choose a good chicken farming equipment manufacturer?

Chicken raising equipment is now a breeding aid for many chicken farms. A good chicken raising equipment can improve the working efficiency of farmers and reduce the labor intensity of farmers. Therefore, when farmers choose chicken raising equipment, they must choose a reliable chicken manufacturer with good reputation and good quality. A device has to be used for many years, so the quality of the equipment is related to the cost of the farmers. The author below will introduce how to choose a manufacturer that sells poultry farming equipment.

1. When farmers buy all kinds of chicken equipment, they must shop around. Try to find some well-known manufacturers for consultation and comparison. From the aspects of price, quality and service, the chicken cage equipment of that manufacturer is more affordable.

Large scale chicken farming should equipped with some hardware facilities like automatic chicken cage system and environment control system.

2. Now the network is very developed. Farmers can also consult with the farmers who know the chickens on the website of some chickens. The equipment of the manufacturer is more reliable. They are the equipment of the manufacturer and the quality.

3. When choosing, be sure to find a manufacturer of direct sales, not to find an agent. Because agents are getting goods from manufacturers, when they sell to farmers, they will raise prices, and it is difficult for farmers to buy cheap chicken cage equipment. Direct selling manufacturers can sell to farmers at wholesale prices, and the price is lower.

4. Pay attention to the after-sales, the quality of the chicken cage equipment is no better, no one can guarantee that it will not have problems in the process of use. Therefore, when the farmers consult the manufacturer, they must pay attention to the after-sales service of the manufacturer, and how long the equipment warranty lasts.

The above four points are the author’s point of telling the farmers how to choose a good chicken equipment manufacturer.