Why is the feed intake of chickens declining

The hot summer weather will affect the feed intake of chickens. This is just one of the reasons, so what other reasons?

1, hot weather, easy to breed bacteria, so that chickens appear disease. As a result, the appetite of the chicken is weak, which leads to a decrease in feed intake. In summer, due to drinking water, the intestine is prone to problems. If the ventilation and cooling control are not good, heat stress or cold may cause some chicken diseases, resulting in a decrease in chicken feed intake.

Good light in chicken house can greatly promote chicken growth.

2, heat stress, summer heatstroke prevention, control the temperature of the chicken house, temperature control is not good, the chickens will appear light or heavy heat stress, once heat stress, the chickens will like to drink water, eat Less, the feed intake naturally decreases.

 3, feeding management, if the breeding density of the chicken house is relatively large, it will easily cause the chicken body to be difficult to dissipate in the summer. Therefore, it is necessary to appropriately reduce the stocking density in the summer. In addition, a reasonable nutritional mix helps to reduce the loss of appetite in the flock.

  4, chickens sometimes adapt to the feed is not very good will produce a decline in feed intake, and sometimes the feed is also an important factor in poultry equipment for sale.