Why add vitamins to chickens?

In the chicken poultry farming equipment to raise chicken, not only should pay attention to the light of the chicken house but also pay attention to the quality of the chicken feed, but also timely add vitamins to the chicken in the feed, the reason for adding vitamins to the chicken is as follows.

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1, chicks daily feeding vitamin C 100 mg, can promote growth and development, improve survival rate. Or when the chicken is vaccinated, vitamin A, D, and C are added in time to enhance the body resistance. Adding vitamin C tablets to the drug when the chicken is sick can strengthen the function of the drug and shorten the course of the disease.

2, the winter light is low, the temperature is low, vitamin D can be added to the feed, which can prevent vitamin D deficiency caused by less light in cage chickens.

3, When the temperature of the house is higher than 32 °C, the chickens will eat less and the egg production rate will decrease. At a high temperature of 34 °C, adding 200 mg of vitamin C per kilogram of hens, the egg production rate can be increased by 8%; adding vitamin C 300 mg, the egg production rate is increased by 10%.

4, the addition of vitamin C in drinking water before laying eggs, can reduce the rate of breaking eggs, but also have anti-stress effect. To improve the chicken’s anti-stress ability.

5, vitamins have disease resistance, can enhance the immune function of chickens, reduce illness.