What should I do if the broiler aquaculture production is low?

The breeding ground for broilers is very important. When breeding broilers, no matter what farming method, the chicken house should be built in a place where the sun is ventilated. Keep away from the polluted areas such as urban areas and factories, and prevent the pollution of air and soil water quality, and maintain a quiet environment. The house can be built in a place where wild fruit trees grow, providing natural feed for broilers and keeping the air fresh. And it can effectively reduce the summer temperature and prevent problems in overheated flocks in poultry cage suppliers in Ghana.

It is best to choose chickens with strong disease resistance and adaptability, which can make the breeding process much simpler. The growth rate of broilers is also the key to determining economic benefits. Try to choose the varieties with faster growth rate, so that the cost recovery rate can be increased, so that funds can continue to breed the next generation of broilers and continue their cultivation.

The construction of the house is relatively simple, you can choose the abandoned house, or use the new technology, but the main thing to pay attention to is the surrounding environment. The house must have good permeability and be able to withstand strong winds, have ample clean water, and be able to drain well. Although it is necessary to stay away from the main roads of transportation, it is also necessary to ensure that the traffic is convenient and can smoothly transport adult broilers and eggs. The chicken house should also be equipped with anti-escape facilities. The chicken house can be enclosed to build a fence of about two meters, or the top can be covered, but the top cannot be sealed to keep it transparent.

If it is a stocking method, then we must strengthen the management in the daily life, because stocking is more difficult to manage than cage farming, so we have to develop a reasonable management plan. Every day, it is necessary to observe the activities and eating conditions of the flocks at regular intervals, and at least twice a day to check the feces in the house. Do a good job in responding to all emergencies. If abnormal conditions are found in the chicken, it is necessary to conduct isolation and treatment in a timely manner. In extreme weather such as summer and winter, it is necessary to maintain the management points of broiler chickens in a timely manner to prevent various problems in the flock.