What are the main equipment needed to automate layer farming?

The main equipment needed for automated laying hens are: egg cages, automated drinking lines, automated feeders, automated decontamination machines, automatic temperature control ventilation equipment and automatic egg collection equipment.

1. Layer cages: layer battery cages for cage laying equipment can make full use of the house space and save the use area of the house. The egg cage is divided into two types: stepped and battery layer cages.

2. Automatic drinking water line, mainly including water storage tanks, water pipelines, drinking fountains. Make sure that every chicken can drink clean water.

3. Automatic feeding machine: The feeding machine can realize automatic feeding of multi-layer culture. The feeding machine has a special device to ensure that the feed can be evenly sprinkled to the trough to avoid waste.

The galvanized steel cage equipment are widely used in some poultry farming manufacturers.

4. Automatic cleaning machine: The automatic cleaning machine can automatically remove the feces and can be timed, thus ensuring the environment of the chicken house, greatly reducing the labor intensity and giving the chickens a good air environment.

5. Automatic temperature control ventilation equipment: temperature increase and temperature reduction equipment, automatically adjust the temperature and ventilation required by the chicken house, giving the laying hen a comfortable and fresh environment.

6. Automated egg-collecting machine: The automatic egg-bending machine is a special equipment for collecting eggs. The eggs are collected in a place for the farmers to handle. It replaces the time and effort of artificial quail eggs, improves work efficiency, and can also Adjust as needed to reduce the breakage rate.