The ways to improve the survival rate of chicks

Preparation: Do a good job in repairing the house. The house should have good insulation performance and should be thoroughly disinfected. Clean the feces and dirt in the house, wash it with clean water, and keep it clean to eliminate the disease.

Choosing healthy chicks and strengthening the management of chicks, the management of chicks directly affects the survival rate of chicks and future production performance.

The perfect living conditions for baby chickens is important for farmers.

The drinking water is incubated to ensure that the water temperature reaches 20-22 °C, ensuring that the water pressure in the waterline meets the drinking requirements of the chicks, and the water pressure is not too high. If a vacuum drinker is used, the drinking fountain should be cleaned and disinfected every day.

Control the ventilation, light and disease in the poultry farming cage . In the process of attaching importance to heat preservation, it is important not to neglect the ventilation of the brooding house. Although the chicks are small but highly metabolized, the air will be polluted by the release of harmful gases such as ammonia and carbon dioxide from the breathing, feces and moist materials. Affect the health of the chicks.