The role of poultry farming equipment for laying hens and broilers

Nowadays, poultry farm equipment has become a necessary mechanized equipment for farmers to raise chickens, and the chicken industry is increasingly inseparable from the help of chicken equipment. The use of chicken equipment can make it easier for farmers to raise chickens, and it can improve work efficiency, increase the number of chickens, and increase the efficiency of farmers. Therefore, poultry farming equipment is constantly favored by farmers.

The use of chicken equipment to raise chickens can effectively improve the feeding environment of the chicken house. Fan curtains like chicken equipment can effectively remove harmful gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide in the house, eliminate odor and effectively kill bacterial viruses. Such as pathogenic microorganisms, and the sterilization speed is fast, broad spectrum, no dead angle, thereby improving the survival rate of egg broiler chickens, reducing the mortality rate, using less drugs or even no drugs, thereby reducing the breeding cost of the farmers, and also improving the broiler products. The quality, so as to produce green and pollution-free products, to create a green brand, can be more welcomed by the market!

Using various types of chicken equipment to raise chickens can improve feed conversion rate. Ozone water prepared by egg broiler drinking culture equipment can effectively increase blood oxygen content, improve gastrointestinal environment, promote nutrient absorption, increase feed conversion rate, and increase livestock and poultry. Faster and faster, and increase the product to market ratio.

The characteristics of using chicken cages to raise chickens are:

1. The use of chicken equipment can provide green and safe livestock and poultry products to the market.

2. Activate the immune cells of the layer and broiler chicken body, enhance its own disease resistance and increase the survival rate.

3. Effectively remove the odor in the circle and provide a good living environment for livestock and poultry.

4. Ozone can quickly kill various pathogenic microorganisms in the air and effectively prevent infectious diseases of livestock and poultry.

5. The use of chicken equipment to raise chicken can make the layer and broiler gain faster weight, strengthen digestion and absorption function, grow fast, and get out early.

The above is the characteristics and help of the authors for the use of chicken cage equipment to raise layer and broilers. I hope that the above description can help the farmers, thank you for your attention!