The precautions for raising chicken in chicken cage

Chickens are raised to make money in chicken battery cages, but improper feeding methods can have a bad effect on economic benefits. So what are the precautions in the process of raising chickens?

1. Don’t prematurely induce oxytocin. When the laying hens are not yet on the opening date, they will artificially induce oxytocin. As the chicken body is not mature enough, the chicken body will form premature aging, resulting in a slow increase in egg production rate and a short duration in the peak period. Some laying hens even have no peak period, which affects the laying rate and laying quality of laying hens.

2. Do not suddenly refuel, the refueling work is an important factor causing the stress response of the flock. Because the chickens have different needs for feed at different growth stages, the farmers need to refuel, and the farmers should have a suitable adaptation period when refueling. If the farmers suddenly change the materials, they will cause the chickens. Stress response

3. If there is a diseased chicken in the flock, it must be eliminated in time. If the sick chicken and healthy chicken are kept together, it will cause the spread of the disease and affect the growth of the flock.

4. The addition of chicken feed should be added according to the different nutrients required in each stage of the flock. Do not blindly add nutrients to the feed, which will eventually lead to nutrient imbalance and nutrient development.

5. Many farmers think that it is all right to immunize the chickens. If you don’t pay attention to the hygiene in the chicken house, you will leave hidden dangers for various infectious diseases. Therefore, before the new chicks are planted, the house should be thoroughly disinfected.