The importance of disinfection in chicken houses

The farmer sterilizes the house before the chicken is placed in the house and after the chicken leaves, even during the chicken raising process. The significance of disinfection is to kill pathogenic microorganisms in the environment, so that the chickens reduce the probability of disease. The author below talks about the importance of disinfecting chicken houses and poultry battery cages.

Under the current farming conditions, the key to any disease prevention and control in the farm is to improve biosafety and strengthen disinfection management. In most African countries, the state of aquaculture is that the majority of the aquaculture is in small and medium-sized farms and rural surplus labor. The cultivation process often does not pay attention to disinfection management, and the following problems often occur:

The laying hens should be farmed in chicken farms that equipped with environment control system.

1. Farms often overlook the importance of isolation of farms from the outside world. Due to the choice of site and poor management, the farm is not isolated from the external environment, and it has become an unimpeded communication place for the bacteria-bearing personnel, resulting in widespread disease spread.

2. The importance of isolating animals from feces and urine is often overlooked: the ground-based farming method allows the animals to come into contact with the excreted urine and urine, and a small number of animal infections. The ground contains nutrient-rich excrement, which is a good medium for bacteria. Its rapid reproduction has steadily increased the incidence of the disease.

3. Disinfection awareness is not strong, ignoring the importance of disinfection: Disinfection is a key technical means to keep the disease in the farm or animal body. Its role can not be solved by vaccine epidemic prevention and antibiotic prevention and control.

Therefore, the author reminds all farmers that disinfection is very important. Disinfection can be broad-spectrum sterilization, anti-virus, killing pathogenic microorganisms in vitro and in the environment. Only through disinfection can the cost of drug use be reduced, and disinfection without residual problems in the body. Therefore, disinfection is the most cost-effective health care.

The above is the importance of disinfection of the house. If you would like to learn more about poultry farming equipment, or have other questions you would like to consult, please feel free to call us.