The effect of light on raising chicken

There are also many techniques for raising chickens, such as red, green and blue light, which have certain adverse effects on the physiological function and growth of chickens. However, in the breeding process of chickens, this problem has long been ignored by people, causing losses to chicken farms. So what is the impact of light on raising chicken?

Suitable chicken shed plan can greatly increase chickens' productivity.

First, red light

Red light has the effect of inhibiting growth rate and delaying sexual maturity in chicks and young chickens at the growth stage. Therefore, chicks and young chickens should be prohibited from using red lighting. Green light has an inhibitory effect on the laying performance of adult hens, which can reduce the egg production rate, so laying hens and hens should not be illuminated with green light.

Third, blue

Blue light can easily induce chicken mites, reduce the disease resistance of chickens of all ages, and reduce the egg production rate of adult hens. Therefore, chickens should not be illuminated with blue light throughout their lives.

Fourth, yellow light

Huang Guang can reduce the egg production rate of adult hens, and the hens can reduce the fertilization rate. Therefore, laying hens and breeding hens should be prohibited from lighting with yellow light. Yellow light can also induce chicken mites, so chickens of all ages should not be illuminated with yellow light.

Five, other

The breeder often changes the color of the clothes and will also have an adverse effect on the chicken. When the chicken is accustomed to a certain color of the chicken staff, it will produce a sense of intimacy. When the breeder enters the chicken house, it will cause the chicken to be refreshed, the appetite is enhanced, and the feeding is increased. If the breeder suddenly changes the color of the clothing, the flock will have panic, turmoil, loss of appetite, reduced feed intake, affecting growth and laying eggs. Therefore, in addition to wearing a coat of light color and taboo, chicken breeders should not change clothes at will in poultry farming equipment for sale.