The benefits of using caged chicken cages to raise chickens

In the chicken industry, the most primitive way to raise chicken is to improve your self-sufficiency. Later, with the development of the economy, many farmers began to use a free-range model to raise a group of chickens for sale, and economic benefits were also possible. Later, with the advancement of the economy and science and technology, farmers began to adopt chicken cages for chickens one by one. So what are the benefits of using caged cages to raise chickens compared to the previous free-range model?

1. In terms of the weight of the flock, the amount of activity in the caged chicken cage is reduced when the chicken is raised, so that the weight of the flock will increase faster than that of the free-range chicken.

2. From a management perspective, the flocks are kept within a certain range when using caged chicken cages system to raise chickens, so that farmers can manage the flocks and observe the flocks more easily than in the free-range state.

3. In terms of feed conversion rate, the chickens in caged cages will all be converted into the energy needed by the body to speed up the growth of the flock, while the flocks in the free-range mode need to exercise and the feed will Some of the energy is provided for exercise, so the feed conversion rate of caged chickens is higher than that of free-range chicken feed.

4. In terms of the number of feeding, the chickens in the same unit area have more chickens than the ones in the free-range mode. The free-range mode covers a large area and the amount of raising is small. The cage method makes full use of the space. The effect is to increase the number of rearing, which will also increase the economic benefits of farmers.

5. In terms of preventing diseases, chickens in free-range mode are more likely to come into contact with chicken manure, leading to infections of various diseases.But chickens in cage mode are difficult to contact with feces, reducing the incidence of disease.