Summer layer cage feeding layer management points

Seasonal changes have a great impact on the use of chicken battery cages to raise chickens. Unsuitable chicken-raising methods can seriously hinder the production of chickens and the economic benefits of farmers. There are many seasonal changes that need to be noted, especially in summer, below. The author takes you to know what needs to be paid attention to in the summer.

1. Provide clean, cool drinking water. When it is hot, it can be cleaned and cool. Drinking water can absorb a part of the heat in the chicken body, thus cooling the purpose. Therefore, keep fresh and cool drinking water in the sink.

2. Keep the air in the house fresh. At high temperatures, the chicken mainly relies on breathing heat, plus the stool is thin and the humidity is high. The chicken house looks damp and hot, which is very unfavorable to the laying hens. The amount of ventilation should be increased. If necessary, sprinkle some lime into the septic tank after daily cleaning, to reduce the high humidity effect, to ensure that the air inside the house is fresh and cool.

3. Properly extend the lighting time. In the summer, the morning and evening light hours can be extended appropriately. To increase the feeding of laying hens. But not more than 16 hours. The late laying period can be extended to 17 hours.

Observe your flocks in time will prevent your chickens from death greatly.

4. Adjust the feeding method and feed more in the morning and evening when it is cool. Adding ingredients to stimulate the appetite of the chickens, so that they can eat more, but pay attention to avoid the accumulation of wet materials in the trough. In order to avoid mildew and deterioration.

5. Adjust the nutritional level of the diet. High temperature will cause the chicken to eat less, intake of nutrients, on the basis of measures to stimulate more feeding. It is also necessary to improve the nutritional level of the diet to make up for the lack of nutrition.
1) Add 2% to 3% protein oil to the diet to maintain a balanced diet. Appropriate addition of amino acids, especially methionine and lysine.
2) The use of powerful quick-mixing calcium hydrogen phosphate, high-quality bone powder or calcium particles to increase the supply of vitamins and minerals.

6. Supplement anti-heat stress nutrients and electrolytes. High temperature will cause sodium, potassium and carbonate ions in chickens to be discharged, causing electrolyte imbalance. It can add chelating activin and super-speed supplement in diet or drinking water. When the weather is too hot. Adding 60 grams of vitamin C per 1000 kilograms of feed reduces the effects of heat stress.

7. Sprinkle water or use a water curtain to cool down. The chicken can be disinfected daily, that is, the purpose of disinfection can be achieved, and the effect of sprinkling water can be cooled. In addition, a water curtain can be built outside the chicken house to cover the cooling. When conditions permit, the house can be installed with an exhaust fan to deliver cool air and cool down quickly.

The above is the poultry equipment manufacturers for the farmers, about the use of chicken cages to raise chickens in the hot season, reasonable feeding is a key factor in the success of chicken breeding, which is also the key knowledge of chicken breeding technology. Farmers must earnestly accumulate knowledge about raising chickens, so that chickens can be raised scientifically and efficiently to ensure the healthy breeding of chicken farms.