Spring raising chicken anti-hypoxia

Strengthen the ventilation inside the house

Chickens have a high body temperature and breathe more than twice as much gas as mammals, requiring more oxygen. Only by strengthening the ventilation in the chicken house to ensure that there is enough fresh air, the chicken can be lively and healthy, and less sick. The house is usually ventilated once every 2 to 3 hours, 20 to 30 minutes each time. Before the ventilation, the temperature should be raised, and when the ventilation is concerned, the wind cannot be directly blown to the chicken body to prevent the chicken from getting sick.

Reduce the stocking density

Broilers are generally raised in large groups, with a large number, high density, and insufficient oxygen in the air. Especially when high temperature brooding and large humidity of chickens, long-term lack of fresh air often causes chicks to be weak and sick, and the rate of dead chickens increases. The chance of airborne diseases increases, especially when the ammonia content is high, respiratory diseases are often induced. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the stocking density.

Prevent stress

Chicken nerves are sensitive, timid and scared. Any new sounds, colors, movements and sudden appearance of objects can cause adverse stress reactions in chickens, consume a lot of physical energy, increase oxygen consumption, and increase their growth and development. Heavy is more harmful. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the normal and orderly living rules of broilers and keep the chickens quiet and stable in poultry cages for sale.