Six misunderstandings of using chicken cages to scale chickens

Nowadays, many chicken farms are large-scale chickens. In the process of breeding, farmers cannot be the same as the previous farming management. Many farmers have a certain misunderstanding in the breeding process, affecting the healthy growth of the flock. The author refers to the experience of poultry farming equipment suppliers, summed up a common breeding misunderstanding, and now to share with the farmers, I hope that farmers pay attention.

1. Introduction of seeds blindly. Many chicken farmers have the idea that the newer the breed, the better, regardless of the local natural and breeding conditions and market demand for the imported breed. Still have the professional door of partial raise chicken, the price is cheap only, and ignored the quality of chicken.

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2. Premature oxytocin. The blind raising of feed standards, instead of according to the production and development rules and nutritional needs of laying hens, resulted in early laying of laying hens, resulting in small body size, premature aging of laying hens and short duration of peak egg-laying period, thus affecting the weight of eggs and egg-laying rate.

3. Abuse of feed additives. Many chicken farmers will feed additives as a drug to improve production capacity, not according to the content of various nutrients and abuse, so both increased the cost of raising chickens, and destroyed the balance of all kinds of nutrients.

4. Too many feedings. Blind addition of some nutrients in the feed, resulting in a variety of nutrients in the feed imbalance, thus affecting the growth and development of chickens.

5. Change the feed suddenly. Do not change the feed according to the common habits of the chicken, do not give the chicken a suitable transition period, suddenly change the feed, easy to cause the stress response of the chicken.

6. Use drugs blindly. Once a lot of raise chicken family to encounter a chicken to come on, do not diagnose via vet personnel, oneself use medicine blindly, thereby delay an illness, wasted economy.