Shelled Chicks Should Drink Water Early

Winter and spring are the golden season for chicken brooding. Chicks must be allowed to drink water within 24 hours after shelling in your poultry farming equipment, and the sooner they drink, the better. Because water helps the chicks to evaporate through the lungs and airbags. Water is the carrier when the feed passes through the digestive tract and helps to soften the feed in the sac. Water is also an important component of blood and lymph in chicks. If the water supply to the chicks is delayed, it will dehydrate and weaken the body, which is not conducive to survival.

Therefore, after the chicks are released from the shell and transferred to the house for 6 hours, warm water above 18 °C should be poured into the drinker for drinking. Weak chicks who do not drink water should be artificially assisted in learning to drink water.

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