Scientifically improve chicken feed utilization

Feed costs account for about 60% to 70% of the total chicken production cost, so how to improve feed utilization is particularly important.

The automatic egg collection system are necessary equipment to equip with your laying hens battery cage system.

When formulating feed, it is necessary to select suitable feed ingredients according to the digestive physiology characteristics of various chickens, especially pay attention to controlling the nutritional mix of feeds, pay attention to the diversification of feeds, and use as many feed ingredients as possible to prepare them. The nutritional complementation between various raw materials to ensure the improvement of nutrients is conducive to improving the digestibility of feed and the utilization of nutrients.

Adopting a scientific feeding method: the feeding method is different, and the feed utilization rate is also different. The feed conversion ratio has been improved compared to dry and dry feed and liquid feed and dry feed, but higher feed intake can lead to increased carcass fat. Adequate and clean drinking water is also very important for improving feed utilization. Environmental conditions can also affect feed conversion efficiency. For example, the optimal temperature for laying hens is 18 to 20 ° C. When the temperature is lowered, the feed intake is increased, and most of the feed energy will be used for heat production instead of laying eggs. If the temperature is too high, the feed intake is reduced. Changes in humidity, ventilation, harmful gases, light, etc. can also affect feed utilization.

Improve the management level of feeding: Feeding management will also affect feed utilization. If the overcrowding of laying hens will significantly impair the production performance, the feed intake and feed remuneration will decrease. Under the conditions of feeding, the production performance of the smaller groups was significantly improved. Good manual management will also achieve better production efficiency. It is necessary to develop an epidemic prevention program and manage it according to procedures to maximize the production performance of the flock. If unhealthy chickens are found in production, they should be treated or eliminated in time in poultry cage suppliers price.