Scientific farming: raising broiler chicken

Now if you want to raise the chicken, healthy chicken, full-price nutrition, suitable environment, and healthy body. These four conditions are indispensable.

 First, the health of the chick is the most important, it directly determines the benefits. Because the health of the chicks can not be repaired and compensated for the day after tomorrow, we must be cautious when we choose the chicks, and also understand that the price of the chicks determines the overall quality.

Second, there are many problems with feed now, which is a very important factor in determining the effectiveness of our broiler feeding.
Third, the right environment, this is what we can control in our own hands. Standardized farming and adjustment of environmental factors, which is what we call environmental control, is very important. The above three points are all done, in order to have a fourth healthy body.
Fourth, the quality of large-scale farms depends on every detail in feeding management.
The breeding points that should be paid attention to in different periods are also different. Pay attention to the implementation inspection of each job including cleaning and disinfection, pay attention to monitoring; the preparation of cleaning and disinfection procedures; monitoring of work links; monitoring of disinfection effects, and other preparatory work in poultry farming equipment for sale.