Preparing for the chicken farm before raising chicken

If you have a large number of chickens, it is a good choice to use poultry farming equipment, because it can help you better raise chickens and save the area of ​​chickens. For large-scale chickens, it is very good to prevent epidemics. Importantly, once an infectious disease occurs, it will cause great harm to the flock, causing the farmers to suffer heavy losses. Instead, they must do a good job in epidemic prevention. The chicken house should be fully disinfected half a month before the chicks enter. So, what do you have to do before you officially start raising chicken?


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The first is to clean up the chicken farm environment and poultry feeders and drinkers price in nigeria, and ask for sweeping the roads and courtyards in the chicken farms, clearing the drainage ditch, and making the drainage smooth. Clean the outside environment, clear the objects around the chicken house, remove the weeds, clean the courtyard, do the chicken droppings, feathers, garbage in the field, and also care about the environment outside the chicken farm. The dirt removed from the chicken and chicken farms should be sent to a place other than a few meters away from the chicken farm for harmless treatment. Clean the house and move the utensils that can be moved out to the house for cleaning and disinfection. Thoroughly remove the feces, feathers, dust, etc. in the house, and clean the ceiling, walls, floors, doors and windows. Equipment for cleaning includes drums, water dispensers, plastic nets, thermometers, stoves, overalls, buckets, etc.

The house should be washed clean, and there should be no residue of dirt, dust, etc., and the washing work should be carried out from top to bottom, from inside to outside, and the equipment of the house should be repaired. Maintenance of feeding equipment, equipment should be able to ensure the completion of breeding a batch of chicken, otherwise it will be replaced. Overhaul equipment for heating, ventilation and lighting. The disinfection inside and outside the chicken house should be perfected, and the disinfectant should be sprayed to every corner. The installation of the breeding equipment should be perfected, and the thermometer and hygrometer should be hung.