Precautions for using battery chicken equipment

In order to make the growth status of the flock more comfortable and healthy, the economic benefits of the farmers are improved. Farmers will choose new farming equipment for breeding when breeding chickens. For the breeding of laying hens, farmers now choose to use battery laying hen equipment for breeding, which can save farmers the labor cost of breeding and improve the economic benefits of farming. Although there are many advantages in breeding, farmers should pay more attention to the use of the process. On the one hand, it is to ensure the healthy growth of our flocks, on the other hand, to ensure the safety of our staff, the following will introduce the farmers. Let’s introduce the farmers to the precautions in the use of the equipment.

1. The protective parts of the battery layer equipment are an important part of the equipment. They should not be removed at will. If damage occurs, it should be repaired or replaced in time.

2. The installation, maintenance or maintenance of electrical equipment related to this equipment shall be operated by professional electric operators in accordance with the regulations. The keeper shall prohibit casual touch and avoid serious injury accidents.

3. During inspection, repair and maintenance, the staff must ensure that the main power switch is disconnected and the main power switch is blocked, otherwise serious injury may result.



4. During the operation of the chicken cage equipment, it is strictly forbidden to observe the running condition of the equipment and open the relevant inspection port for overhaul. If you really need to observe the health of the components during operation, you need to follow the procedures and have the necessary personal protective measures.

5. The use or maintenance of the operator must be professionally trained and operated in strict accordance with the relevant operating procedures.

6. The power supply line of the power supply part needs to have a special protective cover, and the wiring part must have a special terminal block to prevent leakage and cause accidents.

7. The device has relevant safety operation warnings, please pay attention to and carefully read these tips when using or maintaining.

The above is some of the things that need to be paid attention to in the process of using battery chicken  equipment. It is hoped that today’s narration will enable farmers to safely use equipment in the future breeding process to ensure breeding. The equipment exerts its greatest advantage in order to increase the economic benefits of farming.