Mistakes in raising chicken poultry farming cage

In the low temperature in winter, it has a certain impact on the breeding of chickens. Some chicken misunderstandings will occur frequently, such as reluctance to keep warm, or ignore ventilation, which are all misunderstandings of raising chickens.

First, reluctant to keep warm

When raising chickens in winter, the cost of insulation is also increasing. Some chicken farmers are not aware of the heat preservation during the chicken raising process, and the temperature in the chicken house does not rise to the required temperature. The mortality rate of chicks is high. Low temperatures can also cause chickens to get stuck and die.

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 Second, ignoring ventilation

The winter is cold, the poultry farming cage is tightly sealed, and sometimes it is only necessary to warm up and forget the importance of ventilation. It will cause a large concentration of ammonia in the house and cause disease. If the house has a large amount of ammonia, it will be first perceived as soon as it enters the house. When smelling the smell of ammonia, it indicates that the ammonia in the house has already exceeded the standard.

Third, the problem of thick padding

The litter is often replaced. If the litter is not replaced, it is easy to make the litter knot, the ammonia concentration in the chicken house is large, the humidity in the chicken house is large, and the respiratory disease and ascites of the chicken are easily caused.