Mistakes in Laying Hen Breeding

In recent years, laying hens have gradually entered a moderate scale and developed in an automated direction. However, there are still some misunderstandings in farming. How should these misunderstandings be avoided?

First: good equipment can raise chickens: There are many misunderstandings in chicken farms. It is believed that equipment can raise chickens well, including the promotion of many equipment manufacturers. Obviously it is wrong, although excellent equipment can Saving labor, in the long run, can save labor costs, but large-scale farming still requires professionals to operate.

Second: Experience can raise chickens: experience is only the past, does not mean the future, now the laying hen farm is developing very fast. 20 years ago, the thinking of raising 1000 chickens, and now raising 10,000 chickens or more are completely two Kinds of thinking, moderately large-scale era, more emphasis is on scientific chickens, and no longer rely on feelings to raise chickens!

Third: good technology can raise chickens: management of chicken farms, more need to be grounded, long-term chicken, understand the physiological habits of chickens, understand the chicken’s diet, comprehensive prevention and control, will reconcile the interior of the factory Personnel, chicken farms are inseparable from the inspection and observation of professional managers every day, the technology is important, but the premise must be conducive to promoting production and management.

Fourth: do not pay attention to detail management, there is always a lucky feeling, sometimes in the spring and autumn, autumn and winter alternate season, the chicken house is densely raised, poor ventilation, causing respiratory diseases stubborn, will also cause certain losses, we must pay more attention to strengthen management And prevention in poultry cage equipment .