Key points of management of chicken group onset period

In the process of raising the laying hens and broilers in the farm, the factors such as the environment, stress, and spread will cause the chickens to develop diseases. The disease of chickens is a phenomenon that farmers may present during the breeding process. Once the chickens are sick, the farmers must pay attention to the cultivation in addition to the timely treatment. The breeding of sick chickens and healthy chickens are There are differences. Let’s take a look at the experience of poultry farming equipment manufacturers to learn about the key points of the flock period.

Once the chicken group presents disease, then its physiological function will present obstruction, at this time the ability to adapt to the environment, nutritional requirements, endocrine conditioning has a certain impact. So at this time, farmers need to give sick chickens special management measures, auxiliary treatment, will receive the effect of getting twice the result with half the effort, the detailed measures are:

1. Feed: many diseases once attack, will lead to chicken group temperature rise, and then the metabolism of the body will be disordered. So farmers can modify the nutrients in their feed, their content, and their feeding methods to increase energy levels. According to the decrease of feed intake, the energy level should be increased to 1.2 times the normal level. Also, add vitamins.Vitamin A and B vitamins can be added to three times the normal amount, vitamin E can be added to five times the normal amount, and can be added to the appropriate amount of vitamin C and vitamin D3. The third point is that farmers need to be careful to properly reduce the fat content of their feed.

2. Drinking water: during the period of chicken group illness, farmers must ensure that the chicken group drinking water is normal, can not let the chicken group show the phenomenon of water shortage, drinking water in the device to be sufficient and clean. If farmers choose to use drugs to cure diseases in drinking water, farmers must choose drugs that are easy to dissolve water for use, and before feeding to the chickens to be thoroughly mixed can be. Farmers also pay attention to, must be based on the actual amount of water chickens calculated dosage, pay attention to the effective time of drugs in water, must ensure that within the effective time to let the chickens drink up.

3. Handling: during the onset of chicken generally add chicken house ventilation, adhere to fresh air, but in winter to pay attention to chicken house insulation, and try to prevent the direct invasion of cold wind on the chicken. Summer to try to reduce the temperature of the chicken house, to prevent heat stress. Chicken attack respiratory disease, do not carry out aerosol immunization and chicken disinfection.