How to raise chicken in rainy days

It is not easy to raise chickens in rainy days in poultry cage equipment.Continuous rainy weather is very unfavorable for farming. So, how do experienced chicken farmers face continuous rainy weather?

Generally speaking, the weather in the rain is low temperature, so it is necessary to prevent the chicken from catching cold. Pay attention to the warmth of the house and pay attention to the situation of the house. If the house is leaking in the middle of the night, the chicken will easily catch a cold. It is also necessary to prevent diseases, continuous rainy weather, not only easy to cause cold catch of chickens, but also easy to cause chicken coccidiosis, so at this time chicken farmers can give chickens some anti-virus drugs, and do a good job of immunization. The chicken feed on rainy days is very easy to mold, so before feeding the chicken, the chicken farmers must check the quality of the chicken feed. The moldy chicken feed can easily cause the chicken to get sick.


Observe your flocks in time will prevent your chickens from death greatly.

When it rains, the chicken house will also enter the water, which will cause great trouble to the farmers. Therefore, many chicken farmers will consider this when building the chicken house, which is built in a higher place. . But even if the house does not have water, the wet house will make the chicken sick. Prevent the house from entering the water and keep the house clean.

Continuous rainy weather is often accompanied by lightning. If such weather occurs, the chicken farmers must pull the electric brake earlier. Otherwise, if the power is suddenly blacked out after thunder, it will easily lead to stress.