How to prevent chicken feed mildew?

There is a lot of harm in the mildew of chicken feed, so how to prevent chicken feed mildew with poultry equipment for sale?

Measures to prevent mildew in feed

(1) Control moisture. The excessive moisture content in the feed is one of the main causes of the growth of mycotoxins, and the moisture content must be strictly controlled to prevent the mildew of the feed.

 (2) Strengthen inspection of feed processing equipment and storage warehouses. When the feed is processed, the individual agglomerated raw materials may remain in the corner of the processing equipment. Since the agglomerated raw materials are prone to mildew, if not found in time, the new feed will be infected with mold during processing, in order to avoid such The problem should be strengthened to check the feed processing equipment, remove the agglomerated and moldy materials from the equipment and ensure that the inside of the equipment is clean and prevent infection.

 (3) Use a mildew inhibitor. The anti-fungal agent is very effective for preventing mildew of the feed, and the amount thereof is small, convenient to use, and broad-spectrum antibacterial.

After the chicken feed is mildewed, it needs the attention of the farmers. First, scientific methods should be taken to prevent the mildew of the feed. Secondly, effective measures should be taken to remove the mildew after the feed. All in all, we must do our utmost to reduce the losses of the farmers themselves.