How to improve broiler chicken appetite

When we raise chickens in poultry farming cage, we sometimes find that the broiler will have a picky eater because of seasonal changes or because of changes in feed. If it is not stopped in time, it will affect the growth and development of broilers. Generally speaking, it affects the picky of broilers. The factors of the phenomenon are temperature, feed, and stress can also cause broiler picky eaters, then what measures we should take to improve.

If it is a picky eater caused by changing the feed. Then change the feed step by step, as much as possible to reduce the impact of stress. It is also necessary to increase the uniformity of the feed and adjust the grain size of the feed.

If it is a picky eater caused by stress factors. Then you need to do the temperature, ventilation, and the treatment of the chicken house environment. If you find that the broiler has a picky response, don’t ignore it. Take timely measures to take reasonable measures to correct it. So as not to cause late economic losses.