How to Eliminate Low-yield Chickens?

How to determine low-yield chickens, farmers can observe the appearance of laying hens, if some hens have more complete feathers and are shiny, the feet and horny layers are dark yellow, shiny, and the activities are extremely flexible and fast, the cockscomb Ruddy, beautifully-looking chickens are often low-yielding chickens, not even laying eggs. They only eat a lot of feed every day, do not lay eggs, and waste costs. Farmers should eliminate them in your poultry cages for sale.

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Farmers can also judge the performance of laying hens by observing the state of laying hens. Farmers can go to the hens to observe the feces in the morning, or the feces of normal laying hens, which are soft and moist. Chickens that do not produce eggs, due to less feeding, slow digestion, atrophy of the digestive tract, and their feces are dry and hard, and should be eliminated at any time.# poultry equipment for sale #