How to choose the chicken cage equipment skillfully?

Compared with the major farms, farmers can see that the use of chicken cages to raise chickens has become the main chicken raising method and trend in the chicken industry. It is a good helper for farmers to achieve intensive farming. Farmers can find out the type, price and material of the chicken cage when they choose the chicken cage equipment. The difference is very big. So how can the farmers buy the poultry farming equipment that suits them?

1. Chicken cages are divided into layer cages and broiler cages according to different chicken breeds. Therefore, farmers should first consider whether they want to raise chickens or broilers, and consider the number of chickens they need to raise themselves and their own chickens. The size of the house cannot be chosen blindly. Appropriate equipment can play a good role in the chicken house and improve the efficiency of raising chickens for farmers.

Broiler battery cage are the suitable poultry farming cage for modern broiler raising.

2. When selecting chicken cage equipment, the farmers should compare more and consult more. Farmers must shop around when they buy chicken cages. However, it should be noted that not every device has the same size and quality, so the farmers should pay attention to the size and quality of the consultation while consulting the price, and then choose the quality and cheap chicken cage equipment.

3. When selecting the chicken cage equipment, the farmers should pay attention to whether the structure of the equipment meets the characteristics of the growth and production of the egg broiler. Whether the structure is reasonable or not is very important and relates to the economic benefits of the farmers. A poorly constructed chicken cage can easily cause a chicken to run or harm the body of a laying hen. It is necessary to pay attention to whether there is a prominent wire head in the cage door. When the free steel head is long, it is easy to penetrate the neck skin of the chicken, causing trauma or cervical dislocation, so it should attract the attention of the farmers.

4. When choosing a chicken cage, you should choose a reliable poultry equipment manufacturers to purchase, the direct selling price will be lower than the agent, and the equipment will be easy to solve. The manufacturer is experienced and can assist the farmers to choose the most suitable equipment.

I hope that through the above, you can let the farmers choose the equipment and choose the equipment when they choose equipment. Thank you for your attention.