How should the rainy weather respond?

In the summer, too much rain will cause the house to be too humid. If you do not do the ventilation and dehumidification work, it will affect the health of the chicken. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the ventilation and epidemic prevention work during the rainy season, and at the same time improve the physical condition of the chicken body and cope with the environment. Change and reduce the incidence.

1. feed storage, to prevent mildew, rain causes the air humidity of the chicken house is large, the feed is prone to mildew, so we must attach great importance to feed storage. Make a reasonable plan, the purchased chicken feed should be used within one week, and the remaining material in the trough should be cleaned up in time to reduce the probability of the breeder feeding into the moldy feed.

2. With the increase of temperature, mosquitoes will increase rapidly. In order to prevent the occurrence of diseases, weeding should be carried out in advance and water accumulation should be reduced to reduce the breeding of mosquitoes.

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3. Under humid conditions, bacteria are easy to breed. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the sanitation and disinfection work in daily work, pay attention to the washing and disinfection of water lines and troughs, and reduce the breeding of pathogens in the house;


4. Due to the increase of environmental humidity, the ammonia smell in the chicken house will become very heavy. In daily management, the ventilation in the house should be increased to keep the air in the house fresher and increase the frequency of cleaning. Reduce the accumulation of chicken manure.


5. Purchase cooling equipment in time to replace equipment with serious aging in poultry farming equipment.