How should the chicken house solve the windy weather?

We all know that ventilation in the house is very important, especially after entering the winter, many farms often only pay attention to keep chicken battery cages warm and keep the house tight and not ventilated, which will speed up the disease. But if you encounter windy weather, it will have a certain impact on the chicken, so what will the windy weather have to the chicken house? How should the house be?Dealing with windy weather?

Coping with the windy weather in autumn and winter is a technology that chicken farmers must master in winter. However, there are weather forecasts that can be known in advance, and chicken farmers can prepare early. Knowing the fact that the wind is going to be windy, the chicken farmers should be prepared according to the direction of their own chicken houses, the wind direction and the wind that will be blown, mainly to avoid letting the cold wind blow into the chicken when the windy weather arrives. 

Observe your flocks in time will prevent your chickens from death greatly.

For the larger standard chicken farms, the design of the chicken houses is more reasonable , so they can respond by adjusting the use and status of the fans, side windows, ventilation modes, etc. But for some chicken farms that are rough and random, the windy weather may bring a hard-to-avoid loss to the chicken farmers.