Farmers should regularly clean poultry farming equipment and feeders

In many large-scale chicken farms equipment, mechanized chicken feeding machines are very common. With this type of feeder, the automatic feeding of the house can be realized, saving time and effort, and high efficiency. In order to ensure the efficiency

Reasonable installation of chicken nipple drinker

Large-scale breeding of chickens should choose breeding equipment so that the number of chickens increased, resulting in better economic benefits. Many farmers choose the nipple drinker as the water supply system. The nipple drinker has the advantages of satisfying the

How is poultry farming equipment more scientifically disinfected?

The use of poultry farming equipment to raise chickens, the density of chickens is relatively large, so the sanitary environment and bacteria of the chicken houses will be more serious. The hygienic environment of the house requires the farmers to

Chicken farm automatic feeding machine introduction

The automatic feeder is one of the most important equipment in chicken farming equipment. Next, the author will tell you about its use and precautions. First, the structural principle The automatic feeder consists of a lifting feeder, a feeder and

How can I use chicken cages to improve the laying efficiency of layers?

Following the continuous development of the chicken industry, the methods and benefits of raising chickens have been carried out and changed in recent years. Now the chicken industry is popular in the use of poultry farming equipment to raise layers

Laying hens should make calcium in time

Feed is the main factor determining eggshell quality and eggshell strength. It is generally believed that the calcium content of the laying hens is 3.2% to 3.5%, and the phosphorus content is 0.45%, which is the best level. In the

How to reduce the prevalence of caged broilers?

Because of its delicious taste and rich nutrition, chicken is deeply loved by farmers. The continuous improvement of living standards makes people pay more attention to green and non-residual health foods. Therefore, farmers can produce no drug residues, no disease,

In the summer, keep chickens to guard against three syndromes!

In summer, it is very suitable for the survival and spread of viruses and bacteria. If the farming conditions are poor, the management level is low, the chickens are often in a harsh environment, the disease resistance will be reduced,

Benefits of using egg laying equipment

Since the emergence of the automatic quail egg machine, the chicken cage equipment accessories are no longer as busy and chaotic as the laying hens, but present an orderly scene, which is an automatic quail egg machine for the laying

What is the reason for the decline in laying rate of laying hens?

With the development of the chicken industry, more and more people use automatic poultry farming equipment and chicken battery cages to raise chickens. The winter and spring season is a season in which more eggs are used. If the laying