In the summer, keep chickens to guard against three syndromes!

In summer, it is very suitable for the survival and spread of viruses and bacteria. If the farming conditions are poor, the management level is low, the chickens are often in a harsh environment, the disease resistance will be reduced,

Benefits of using egg laying equipment

Since the emergence of the automatic quail egg machine, the chicken cage equipment accessories are no longer as busy and chaotic as the laying hens, but present an orderly scene, which is an automatic quail egg machine for the laying

What is the reason for the decline in laying rate of laying hens?

With the development of the chicken industry, more and more people use automatic poultry farming equipment and chicken battery cages to raise chickens. The winter and spring season is a season in which more eggs are used. If the laying

What is a chicken battery cage?

Battery automation, as the name implies, is layer by layer. This kind of cage must have highly accurate automation equipment to complete the whole chicken raising process. It must have more advanced production technology to ensure the durability of the

Selection of Chicken House Material and Grade Planning

The choice of chicken equipment If the funds are not very sufficient (we recommend that the funds are sufficient, do not extravagance and waste, after all, as long as the chicken house meets the requirements of the chicken’s living environment),

Factors to Cause Laying Chicken’s Death

At present, poultry farmers most adopt indoor-house to farm chickens. If the chickens are raised in old stepped cages and stacked laying cages, the chickens are very likely to cause death for the reason of high density particularly. Thus, introduce

Requirements for Building a Layer Poultry Farming House

Poultry farmers should consider some factors that keeping warm in winter and preventing heatstroke in summer when constructing chicken coops. Some conditions should be able to avoid such as infection of infectious diseases and invasion of animal pests. Therefore, some construction

The New Era Broiler Poultry farming Methods

Broiler Breeding Mode in New Era Chicken battery farming cage  is a new method of breeding broilers nowadays. Many farmers are gradually introducing modern automated broiler rearing methods. The use of broiler cages is not the same as the previous

To Choose an Automatic Chicken Cage Equipment on Chicken Cages

Currently, more and more people are starting their own business for poultry. It can be chickens of diverse breeds, and if it comes to their basic classification, then in general there are laying hens, broilers and chickens. And most importantly,