The composition of the overlapping laying hen cage equipment system

The battery cage for layers equipment mainly consists of a cage system, a feeding system, a drinking water system, a lighting system, a waste disposal system, an automatic egg collecting system, and an environmental control system. The use of mechanized

Why use layer chicken cages for raise chickens?

Layer chicken cages are currently a popular form of feeding because the design of the layer chicken cage provides a comfortable environment for the chickens to play a better role in the feeding process. The main advantage of the design

Chicken raising equipment to ensure healthy drinking water

Water is a very important substance. It is indispensable for both humans and chickens. Then we must ensure that the chickens are healthy when they are raising chickens in Poultry Rearing Equipment. First, choose the water source that meets the

Advantages of using poultry farming equipment in layer cage farming

Laying hens are generally caged from 18 weeks to 20 weeks, and will not be completed until 72 weeks of age. Because of the well-structured cage in a good house environment, the laying hens can achieve higher production efficiency. The

Management method of chicken flock disease period

In the process of breeding chickens, the chickens are easily infected with diseases due to environmental hygiene, stress and other reasons. Once the chickens are infected with the disease, the farmers must take care of them in time and the

Development trend of poultry breeding industry

The advancement of science and technology has brought about tremendous changes in chicken production. In breeding, the new method of modern poultry breeding combined with biotechnology, the application in production, solves the problem of difficult selection of some traits, shortens

Layer rearing technology using poultry farming equipment

The use of poultry farming equipment to raise laying hens is to use large-scale, automated farming with cage-raising and automated chicken feeding equipment. How to ensure health, high yield and high quality in this way is a concern for all

How to maintain chicken feeding equipment?

Nowadays, many farmers use poultry farm equipment to help them raise chickens and make chicken farming easier. Within each chicken farm, more or less chicken equipment exists. What equipment is needed to raise chickens depends on the actual needs of

Advantages of using chicken farm equipment for laying hens and broilers

Nowadays, chicken farming equipment has become a necessary mechanized equipment for farmers to raise chickens, and the chicken industry is increasingly inseparable from the help of chicken feeding equipment. The use of chicken farming equipment can make it easier for

Farmers should regularly clean poultry farming equipment and feeders

In many large-scale chicken farms equipment, mechanized chicken feeding machines are very common. With this type of feeder, the automatic feeding of the house can be realized, saving time and effort, and high efficiency. In order to ensure the efficiency