How to choose laying hen breeding equipment in the farm?

First of all, I will introduce to you two types of breeding equipment for laying hens, one is stepped and the other is layered. Now these two types of equipment can be fully automated, including feeding, drinking water, cleaning manure,

How to achieve automatic chicken cage equipment to raise chicken?

The chicken industry in Ghana has been on the road of rapid development in recent years, and more and more fully automatic equipment has appeared in the chicken industry. For users of large-scale laying hens and broilers, it is good

Precautions for Raising Chickens in Spring in Farms

At present, most chickens are raised with chicken Poultry Rearing Equipment. Spring is the season when everything recovers. Hens enter the peak of egg production. In order to obtain good economic benefits, attention must be paid to timely adjust the

Characteristics of feeding machine for layer rearing equipment

The use of layer chicken rearing equipment to raise chickens not only does not require manual decontamination, but also does not require manual feeding. The manure in the house is cleaned and there is an automatic digger. The hen is

Five measures to pay attention to in raising chicken in autumn

Autumn is a season of frequent chicken accidents. If the management is not in place, it will lead to a decrease in egg production, poor egg quality and even death. This requires us to do more fine and better in

Key Points of Broiler Caging in Chicken Farms

At present, there are many chicken farms that use chicken battery cage for broilers to raise chickens. The advantage of using chicken cages to raise chickens is that it can reduce the occupied area of land and can better manage

Countermeasures against each other when using chicken in layer cages

During the use of layer chicken cages to raise chickens, some farmers have various factors such as the density of the laying hens, or the unreasonable nutrition when feeding the rations. It is possible for the flocks to interact. Mutual

  The composition of the overlapping laying hen cage equipment system

The battery cage for layers equipment mainly consists of a cage system, a feeding system, a drinking water system, a lighting system, a waste disposal system, an automatic egg collecting system, and an environmental control system. The use of mechanized

Why use layer chicken cages for raise chickens?

Layer chicken cages are currently a popular form of feeding because the design of the layer chicken cage provides a comfortable environment for the chickens to play a better role in the feeding process. The main advantage of the design

Chicken raising equipment to ensure healthy drinking water

Water is a very important substance. It is indispensable for both humans and chickens. Then we must ensure that the chickens are healthy when they are raising chickens in Poultry Rearing Equipment. First, choose the water source that meets the