Eight points to note for summer layer breeding

The hot summer season is coming, which is a big test for chickens. Strong stress, for how to manage the chicken farm, especially the peak chicken laying period, to ensure stable production, high yield, low death, how to ensure the weight of the brooding chicken, uniformity is a technical activity. People are hot, chicken is also like this, how to treat your chicken kindly, you need to pay attention to the following points:
1. Control the temperature. The temperature should be mastered. The temperature of the house should exceed 28 degrees. In theory, heat stress will be generated, which will affect the feed intake. The high temperature and high humidity will exceed 33 degrees, which will lead to heatstroke death. When the summer temperature has reached 35 degrees or above, The temperature of the house is generally difficult to drop too much, then, we must try our best to let the temperature inside the house drop a little to ensure the lifeline temperature. Closed house is generally well handled, open or semi-open house is relatively difficult, but also needs to be integrated to cool down.

2. Adjust the environment. The environment must be well controlled. Today’s chicken raising, the environment is the first choice, first of all, the surrounding environment, farming is dense, the environment can not control. Then, you must do a good job in the small environment of your own chicken farm, chicken houses and chicken cages should be cleaned up, otherwise it will become a safety hazard.

3. In summer, there are many mosquitoes and flies, and the accumulation of feces is easy to ferment. The mosquitoes like the dirty environment, and the more they are dirty, the more they like it. The equipment environment is dirty, the bacteria virus breeds, the disease continues, many old chicken houses, the environment of small retail investors is very bad. In the current situation of disease, the chicken farm should find ways to improve the environmental comfort and inhibit the breeding of mosquitoes and flies.

4. Drinking water system adjustment. For many chicken farms, soaking water is a headache, it is extremely easy to mold, causing repeated attacks of intestinal diseases, then how to solve? Clean the watering materials regularly every day: First, wash the nipples frequently and change the drinking nipples; secondly, you can add drinking water bowls; third, you can move the drinking water pipes to the top of the chicken battery cages in the summer to avoid the sinks. Vertically above, you need to adjust slowly to allow the chicken to adapt.

5. Diligent disinfection. The temperature in summer is humid and the temperature is high. It is suitable for the breeding of bacterial virus molds, and the immunity of the chicken body will decrease, which will easily lead to repeated disease. The internal and external environment of the chicken house, air, drinking water pipeline and other viruses have too high a concentration of bacteria. The chickens with low immunity will naturally become the first to spread, and gradually spread to large groups, resulting in no small loss. Invisible things to do, does not mean no effect, prevention is better than cure, for laying hens, treatment is the best policy, the loss will be large.

6. Condition the intestines. Chickens first raise the intestines, nutrients are absorbed through the intestines, and healthy intestinal mucosa has a strong immune barrier that can block bacteria and viruses from entering the body. Therefore, the flock of chickens has a lot to do with the chicken intestines. In summer, intestinal diseases are repeated, chickens with intestinal mucosa are falling out, nutrient absorption is insufficient, pheasant, quail chicken, egg weight reduction, white eggs, sand eggs, soft-lay hens, chickens with significantly lower egg production rate Groups are very common, and various problems naturally follow. Solution: Add montmorillonite + micro-ecological + oligosaccharide to the feed, and better with the VC coating.

7. Mosquito-killing, summer mosquitoes and flies are bad, and the growth rate is fast. It is an accomplice to the spread of bacterial viruses. In the middle part of the south, white crown disease is high in the wet season in summer. The primary problem of treatment is to eliminate the intermediate host, Kudu, and then Sexual treatment. The drugs that have a good effect on suppressing mosquitoes and flies have been used for a long time in recent years. The amount of additives is getting larger and larger, and the effect is getting worse and worse. Some related alternative products are urgently needed to solve, such as suppressing the micro-ecology of mosquito and larvae breeding, etc. Intestinal, safe, efficient, and more.

8. Control density. In conventional layer chicken cages, 3-4 chickens are usually placed in one cage, and one less is placed. The other cages are reduced as appropriate to reduce the density. Large groups do not mean high efficiency, we must control the density, not just the immediate benefits.