Chicken raising skills: master these points

Chicken raising is also a matter of learning. Mastering the skills of raising chickens is actually very simple. The following points have great reference significance for raising chickens. If you learn, there is basically no problem in raising chickens in chicken battery cages.

1,Most of the farmers have to wait and see for a long time before they are raised. If the market is good, there will be more people, and the bad result is that there will be oversupply in the market, which will cause the price of the chicken to be particularly low.Therefore, we should comprehensively consider the specific market conditions and farming conditions, and give sufficient confidence to the market in order to maximize the benefits.

2,In production, the feeding cycle of laying hens is usually long and the investment in the whole period is too large. At present, there are no systematic procedures for the management of most farms, and decisions are usually made by impression. Many breeders only pursue the low price of feed and neglect the factors such as the feed intake of the chicken and the death rate of the whole period. They are overly concerned with the survival rate of the chicks and the laying rate of the laying hens, thus neglecting the weight and evenness of the brooding chickens. As a result, the overall economic benefits of the chicken farm are reduced and the income of the chicken farm is affected.

3,The farm must pay attention to the quality of the chickens, because the quality of the chickens will directly affect the success or failure of the chickens. Individual chicken farms will pursue the introduction of new varieties at the time of introduction and completely ignore the actual situation of the farm. There is no specific analysis of the characteristics of the chick breeds and the actual situation of the introduction field, so the final introduction of the chicks Inappropriate variety; will have adverse effects

4,In the actual breeding process, the chicken farm should always adhere to the basic principles of “prevention first, anti-heavier treatment” and an important principle that must be followed.

5,In production, we must pay enough attention to the compliance rate and death rate of chickens. In actual production, there are still many farmers who only pay attention to the survival rate of chickens. Once chickens are sick, they will simply administer drugs and neglect other aspects. It is important to ignore the compliance rate and death rate of the flocks to ensure the economic benefits of the farm.

6,The demand for nutrients in chickens varies according to the season and the stage of growth. Therefore, the adjustment of feed ratio should be carried out in a timely manner to save money.

7,Some light can be given in the chicken house, which is conducive to the production and development of the chicken can increase the egg production of the chicken. Therefore, if the bulb is installed in the house, it must be wiped frequently to prevent the dust from covering the bulb, or if the bulb is damaged and cannot be replaced in time, and the illumination received by the house is affected to some extent, so it will be certain To a certain extent, it affects the production performance of poultry and indirectly causes economic losses in chicken farms poultry equipment for sale.