Six misunderstandings of using chicken cages to scale chickens

Nowadays, many chicken farms are large-scale chickens. In the process of breeding, farmers cannot be the same as the previous farming management. Many farmers have a certain misunderstanding in the breeding process, affecting the healthy growth of the flock. The

The importance of disinfection in chicken houses

The farmer sterilizes the house before the chicken is placed in the house and after the chicken leaves, even during the chicken raising process. The significance of disinfection is to kill pathogenic microorganisms in the environment, so that the chickens

Preparing for the chicken farm before raising chicken

If you have a large number of chickens, it is a good choice to use poultry farming equipment, because it can help you better raise chickens and save the area of ​​chickens. For large-scale chickens, it is very good to

Chicken raising equipment to ensure healthy drinking water

Water is a very important substance. It is indispensable for both humans and chickens. Then we must ensure that the chickens are healthy when they are raising chickens in Poultry Rearing Equipment. First, choose the water source that meets the

Pay attention to chickens when changing seasons

After the hot summer, the temperature gradually decreased. Farmers need to strengthen management to adapt the chicken to temperature and timely supplementation of light. Now the author refers to the experience of poultry equipment manufacturers, to talk about the management

Several problems should be paid attention to when using poultry farming equipment

With the development of modern farming equipment, poultry farming equipment has been better applied in the breeding industry. Due to the increase in summer temperatures, poultry farming equipment needs to pay attention to the following during the summer use: 1.

The benefits of using egg laying equipment

The more chicken farmers use chicken poultry farming cage to raise chickens, the more automated equipment is needed, because it is more convenient, and the use of automated chicken equipment can increase the ability of chicken farms to resist risks.

Tips for improving eggshell quality

The main source of income for farms for laying hens is eggs. The quality of eggs is not good and will seriously affect the economic benefits of farmers. The quality of the eggshell is directly related to the quality of

The reason for the low egg production of laying hens must be noted!

Laying hens are chickens that are raised in layer battery cage to lay eggs to supply eggs. Unlike broilers, people raise hens mainly to improve the quality of eggs and maintain or increase the amount of eggs produced, rather than

Management points before using the water curtain of chicken farming equipment

When the temperature of the house is relatively high, especially in the hot summer months, the farmers need to use the water curtain of the chicken farming equipment to cool down. Water curtain equipment is essential in large-scale farming. However,