Production technology of chicken cage

Chicken cage equipment is an important equipment in the whole chicken equipment system. Its quality and material are related to the life of the whole house. It is not possible to renew a batch of chickens in a chicken cage.

Issues in the management of caged broilers

1. Questions about temperature (1) Reasonable display (height and number) of thermometers The length and width of the chicken house are large in standardized chicken house feeding, and the temperature in the chicken house is not consistent between the east

How to repair laying hen breeding equipment?

How to repair laying hen breeding equipment? Layer egg chicken cages is a device that is more popular with farmers, and it is also more convenient to use. However, we must also pay attention to maintenance during the use. The

How to choose a good chicken farming equipment manufacturer?

Chicken raising equipment is now a breeding aid for many chicken farms. A good chicken raising equipment can improve the working efficiency of farmers and reduce the labor intensity of farmers. Therefore, when farmers choose chicken raising equipment, they must

Introduction and selection of automated chicken farming equipment

In today’s chicken industry, the methods and methods of raising chickens are no longer the same as before. The continuous development of science and technology has promoted the progress of the chicken industry, and chickens are developing towards large-scale intensification.

How to ventilate the chicken house?

Poultry equipment suppliers believe that ventilation and ventilation can play the role of updating air, adjusting temperature, dehumidifying and dust removal. Harmful gases in chicken houses are also the main environmental factors causing frequent disease and immune failure. Therefore, ventilation

Six misunderstandings of using chicken cages to scale chickens

Nowadays, many chicken farms are large-scale chickens. In the process of breeding, farmers cannot be the same as the previous farming management. Many farmers have a certain misunderstanding in the breeding process, affecting the healthy growth of the flock. The

The importance of disinfection in chicken houses

The farmer sterilizes the house before the chicken is placed in the house and after the chicken leaves, even during the chicken raising process. The significance of disinfection is to kill pathogenic microorganisms in the environment, so that the chickens

Preparing for the chicken farm before raising chicken

If you have a large number of chickens, it is a good choice to use poultry farming equipment, because it can help you better raise chickens and save the area of ​​chickens. For large-scale chickens, it is very good to

Chicken raising equipment to ensure healthy drinking water

Water is a very important substance. It is indispensable for both humans and chickens. Then we must ensure that the chickens are healthy when they are raising chickens in Poultry Rearing Equipment. First, choose the water source that meets the