Chicken farm automatic feeding machine introduction

The automatic feeder is one of the most important equipment in chicken farming equipment. Next, the author will tell you about its use and precautions.

First, the structural principle

The automatic feeder consists of a lifting feeder, a feeder and an automatic controller. Use the spiral rotation to achieve the feeding effect.

Second, the instructions for use

1. Check if there are any objects around the feeder and the track that hinder the normal operation of the feeder before the feeding operation and remove it in time.

2. Start the lifting feeder, pour the feed into the hopper, and increase the feeding opportunity to feed the feed into the hoppers of the feeder. When the hoppers are filled, the lifting device automatically stops working.

3. Start the feeding machine to start walking feeding.

4. The whole process of feeding the feeder is controlled by the stroke switch, and the feeding will stop automatically when the feeding is completed.

Third, matters needing attention

1. Do not mix foreign matter into the feed when the automatic feeder is working, to prevent foreign objects from jamming or colliding, which may cause deformation of the equipment and affect normal work.

2. During the working process of the feeder, some people should pay attention to the working condition of the feeder at any time to avoid the foreign objects in the vicinity of the track leading to the derailment of the feeder or other accidents.

3. The feeding condition of the feeder can be adjusted by the discharge port adjusting screw and the speed regulating motor. The rotary adjusting screw can control the size of each discharging port to control the discharging amount. Adjusting the motor can also control the feeding amount. The motor speed is fast and the feeding amount is large. On the contrary, the feeding amount is small.

4. If the feeder does not discharge, check whether the feed drive shaft is connected properly, whether the motor is working normally or check if there is any foreign matter in the hopper to prevent the feeder from working normally.

5. If the feeder motor is running normally and the feeder is not moving, it should be checked whether the bolts of the feeder connecting connecting shaft parts are loosely dropped, and the connecting shafts are connected in time.

7. Regularly check whether the fasteners in all parts of the cleaning machine are loose and tightened in time.

8. Each component of the feeder, such as transmission, rotation and motor reducer, should be lubricated regularly.

The above is the introduction of poultry farming equipment – automatic feeder, I hope the above content will help you.