Chicken coop automatic chicken equipment for chicken house application

Chicken poultry farming equipment is the basic equipment in the whole chicken raising process. They provide a good living environment for the chickens and are necessary conditions to ensure the healthy growth of the chickens. The chicken cage automatic chicken equipment mainly used by farmers now mainly includes: egg cages, broiler cages and brooding cages. In order to enable farmers to understand these three cages more comprehensively, a detailed introduction to these three cages is given below.


Layer battery cage: Egg cage is a cage used mainly for laying hens. The main push on the market is cascading and stepped. The cascading cages have a large number of cultures, but the upper cages will hinder the light-receiving area of ??the middle and lower cages. Therefore, the farmers need to pay more attention when installing the lamps, and adopt a high-low installation method to ensure the chickens. The group receives uniform light, and the stacked cages are generally used in mechanized farming mode; the stepped egg cage has better ventilation performance, the light receiving area of ??the chicken group is relatively uniform, and the process of clearing the feces is relatively simple. In the case of cascading, the amount of feeding is relatively small, and the stepped cages are generally cultured by hand. But no matter which form of cage is used, it will increase the breeding efficiency of the farmers.


Broiler cages: Broiler cages are also mainly cages designed and produced according to the growth characteristics of broilers. The broiler cages currently on the market are cascading cages. The cascading cages do not need to be from chicks to market. The cage is carried out, and the cage door of the cage is a folding cage door, which makes it easier for the farmers to catch chickens and chickens. Moreover, the use of stacked chicken cages can effectively prevent the chickens from contacting the feces, thereby reducing the incidence of diseases and improving the breeding efficiency.


Poultry supplies for broilers are suitable for large scale farming.


Brooding cage: The brooding cage is specially designed for the growth characteristics of young chickens. The chicks have strict requirements on various external environments. Therefore, the brooding cages are made of special materials in terms of materials, avoiding the scratching of chicks. The occurrence of a hang injury. The use of brooding cages for brooding and the use of a defecation device can effectively prevent chicks from being exposed to feces, thereby reducing the incidence of disease and increasing the survival rate of chicks.


The above is the introduction of the three kinds of chicken cage breeding equipment. When the farmer purchases the chicken cage, he should purchase the cage according to his actual feeding situation. Only when the right cage is selected can the chicken group be created a good one. The environment ensures the healthy growth of the flock.