Characteristics of using chickens in breeding farms to raise chickens

As the time for raising chickens is getting longer and longer, and the times are constantly developing, when raising chickens, farmers are slowly choosing battery cage for chickens to raise chickens, which will make it faster and use chicken cages to raise chickens. It can save the land area for raising chickens, fully utilize the space of the chicken house, and there are many characteristics of intensive chicken raising, as shown below.


First of all, we must know that the use of intensive farming mode of aquaculture equipment can greatly save farmers’ demand for land, labor and energy consumption, and assume that farmers want to expand the number of chickens without having to expand the land area. Cascading cages to raise chickens easily increase the number and are easier to manage, reducing the need for human resources.



The intensive farming mode of the breeding equipment, equipment and functions are complete, and the scientific feeding management process can be realized; and if the farmer purchases the automated chicken raising equipment, it can also realize the heavy work such as automatic feeding, clearing manure, quail eggs, etc. Water curtains and other equipment can ensure the comfort of the chicken house, the chicken nest has sufficient material level, reasonable water level and appropriate density. The superior growth environment improves the survival rate of the chicken, reduces the incidence rate, reduces the residual rate, and improves the welfare of the chicken group.


Farmers also have the benefits of using automatic poultry farming equipment for chickens. For example, the chickens are kept in cages for scale, and they are easy to manage. As a result, the range of activities of the flocks is limited, and the consumption of feeds is reduced. Evenness is better. Moreover, cages can detect sick and weak chickens in time, facilitate timely elimination and treatment, and raise chickens in three dimensions. The chickens do not directly contact the feces, which can significantly reduce the incidence of chickens.

Of course, it is essential to clear the manure machine. Because it is an intensive chicken, the position of the chicken manure is the same. The farmers use the automatic cleaning machine to clean the dung machine to make the chicken manure not fall and use. Intensive farming mode of farming equipment is conducive to disease control.