Careful management of chicken farm broilers

Breeding chickens, chicken houses are places where chickens eat, drink, exercise and inhabit. When designing and constructing chicken houses, large and medium-sized broiler farms should pay attention to thermal insulation, ventilation, light, moisture, and ease of production, disinfection and epidemic prevention. At present, there are many types of buildings in the chicken house. According to different building structures and performances, they can be divided into open and closed types. The former includes both open-walled and windowed houses, which can take advantage of natural ventilation and daylighting. Closed house is also called windowless house. Because it is relatively closed to the outside world, it has the function of temperature and shading. It can regulate and control the environment inside the house. It has greater superiority than the open house.


The amount of broiler rearing depends on the effective feeding area of ​​the house and the appropriate stocking density. However, in actual production, the size of the breeding amount is restricted by many factors. The first is the number of breeders, followed by the feed supply capacity and the source of the chicks, and then the area of ​​the house. In the case where there is no problem with the first two, the size of the rearing depends on the area of ​​the house.


Please read instructions carefully when using or maintainace.

First of all, it is better to feed the broiler in the chicken battery cage for broilers at night. The feeding machine is most suitable for feeding three times a day. Moreover, it is necessary to feed in time, so as to prevent the hungry chickens from being trampled by the food, and to feed in time. The demand for broiler cages is often taken care of, so the technicians need to check the feeding status of the trough every day. If there are more leftovers, it should be judged in time whether the following conditions are met: the first one is that the chickens in the cages are not less. Should be replenished in time.


The above is the management method of broiler in the farm, and careful management poultry farming equipment can increase the economic benefits of the farmers.