Cages for Broilers Farming Equipment

Do you intend to buy cages for broilers? Want to buy cages for high quality broilers not only, but also cages for chicken broilers with a low price? You have spent a long time looking for cages for broilers in your country, but in the end, you have not found such excellent and cheap cages for keeping broilers, or the price of the cages is too high, or you are not satisfied with the quality of the products. Let me advise you: Buy cages for broilers from China!

Broiler batter cage are suitable for large-scale farming mode.


Cages for Broilers Bought from China

Most importantly, the cages for broilers to buy from China, it is very profitable. As you know, our homeland China is a developing country. The products manufactured in China are much cheaper. Previously, Chinese goods are often considered substandard, but now the concerned departments of the state have realized the importance of the quality of export products, and strictly control the quality of products. Our company has been certified by the quality management system of organizations and enterprises ISO 9001: 2008.

Poultry supplies for broilers are suitable for large scale farming.


Our Cage Equipment for Broilers

Growing broilers at poultry farms today is not very difficult. Especially with the help of the cellular equipment and the corresponding complex equipment for keeping broilers. For 10 years, our specialists have researched and developed optimal cells for chickens of broilers to study their growth process.
The broiler cages, manufactured by our factory, are made of a rolling material, mainly carbon steel. The cage for broilers of one whole section consists of galvanized nets, nipple regiments, feeders (there are plastic and metal feeding troughs) and a multi-tiered steel frame. Our cells for broiler chickens are usually mounted in 3-4 tiers. In the cells passes the system of feeding and nipple drinking, of course, you can additionally install artificial light lamps. The shelves in the cell are retractable (this is convenient for catching technology), under the polycombing tape.

The most important and most popular products are poultry batteries for keeping chickens of different breeds. In particular, broiler cages are popular with customers of poultry equipment.