Broiler feeding management focus

The third week of broiler breeding is the most critical period of growth. If broilers grow fast and do not get sick, then the feeding management of chicks is very important. What is the focus of broiler feeding management?

The nutrition of chicken feed ldepends on poultry farmers' awareness of chicken health.

During the third week of broiler culture, the feed intake of broilers increased rapidly, and the feeding speed also greatly increased the growth of chicken weight and the growth rate of chicken tissue. Due to the increase in feed intake and feeding speed, we must It is the intestinal problem to be aware of. Identify problems in a timely manner and make appropriate adjustments in feeding and bowel care. Feed additives for enteral health must be added to the feed.

In the third week of broiler culture, the chicken population temperature should be controlled at 25 to 27 degrees and the humidity should be maintained between 55% and 65%. There is also the ventilation of the poultry farming equipment for sale . When there is no equipment to measure the ventilation standard, we can feel the temperature of the house with the sense of body, and there is no pungent smell after entering the house, and there is no feeling of pressure.