The importance of disinfection in chicken houses

The farmer sterilizes the house before the chicken is placed in the house and after the chicken leaves, even during the chicken raising process. The significance of disinfection is to kill pathogenic microorganisms in the environment, so that the chickens

Automatic chicken equipment manufacturers teach you how to raise chicken

Chicken raising is to make money. This is especially true for large-scale chicken raising. The number of chickens is inevitably use poultry cage equipment. It is not so simple to raise chickens. It is necessary to make chicken farms economically

Common diseases and prevention of broiler cage breeding

The use of broiler cage equipment for broiler chickens is now an indispensable device for broiler chickens. However, some farmers have caused management problems in the feeding process due to management problems. It is not terrible for a chicken to

Characteristics of using chickens in breeding farms to raise chickens

As the time for raising chickens is getting longer and longer, and the times are constantly developing, when raising chickens, farmers are slowly choosing battery cage for chickens to raise chickens, which will make it faster and use chicken cages

Precautions for laying eggs in chicken cages

In order to ensure that the laying rate of the laying hens during the laying period peaks, the farmers get a good economic benefit. This requires farmers to manage the laying hens before laying eggs. Today, we mainly introduce to

Preparing for the chicken farm before raising chicken

If you have a large number of chickens, it is a good choice to use poultry farming equipment, because it can help you better raise chickens and save the area of ​​chickens. For large-scale chickens, it is very good to

How to reduce the cost of breeding by using chicken cages to raise chickens?

With the development of the times, the prices of various industries have risen sharply, and the cost of feed used by farmers to raise laying hens has also increased. Although the help of layer rearing equipment can save a lot

  The composition of the overlapping laying hen cage equipment system

The battery cage for layers equipment mainly consists of a cage system, a feeding system, a drinking water system, a lighting system, a waste disposal system, an automatic egg collecting system, and an environmental control system. The use of mechanized

Why use layer chicken cages for raise chickens?

Layer chicken cages are currently a popular form of feeding because the design of the layer chicken cage provides a comfortable environment for the chickens to play a better role in the feeding process. The main advantage of the design

Several feeding points to be paid attention to in chicken houses

It is not a small matter to raise chickens, especially when there are a large number of chickens. At this time, we all use battery cage for layers to raise chickens. After all, the continuous development of mechanized chickens and