Chicken farm using clearing equipment

As long as chickens can not avoid chicken manure, chicken manure cleaning in automatic poultry farming equipmentis also very important, so the dehumidification machinery plays an important role in mechanized chicken production. Because mechanical decontamination can not only greatly improve

What equipment is needed to intensively raise chickens?

In the current chicken industry, intensive chicken farming is the trend of modern chicken farming, and many farmers are gradually developing towards intensive chicken farming. Intensive chicken raising and peaceful raising and raising is a completely different way of raising

Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of broiler chickens in chicken cages

With the current popularity and development of battery cage for broilers, many farmers have begun to use cages to raise broilers. Different farming methods have different advantages and disadvantages. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of broiler cages for

Use laying hen feed in technology to improve economic efficiency

It is not a simple matter to raise chickens. Especially nowadays, most chickens are raised in layer chicken cage . Feeding techniques, feeding management, etc. improve the feeding skills of laying hens in order to improve the economic benefits of

Advantages of using poultry farming equipment in layer cage farming

Laying hens are generally caged from 18 weeks to 20 weeks, and will not be completed until 72 weeks of age. Because of the well-structured cage in a good house environment, the laying hens can achieve higher production efficiency. The

How to do mosquito prevention work in summer chicken houses

In summer , the mosquitoes in the chicken house are the most, how to prevent mosquitoes from affecting the normal activities of the chicken is very important work. After all, chickens are kept in chicken battery cages , there is

Pay attention to chickens when changing seasons

After the hot summer, the temperature gradually decreased. Farmers need to strengthen management to adapt the chicken to temperature and timely supplementation of light. Now the author refers to the experience of poultry equipment manufacturers, to talk about the management

Pay more attention to the flu prevention and control in the chicken house during the hot season

Large-scale farmed chickens need chicken farms and poultry farming equipment. Chicken houses that use chicken cages to raise chickens are closed-type chicken houses. They are generally closed-door chicken houses. Farmers use this chicken house to raise laying hens. The surrounding

How to use chicken cages to manage chicks?

Whether the management of the chicks in the farm is in place will directly affect whether the chicks can grow up healthily. Therefore, farmers must be very strict and careful about the management of chicks. The focus of brooding management

Several problems should be paid attention to when using poultry farming equipment

With the development of modern farming equipment, poultry farming equipment has been better applied in the breeding industry. Due to the increase in summer temperatures, poultry farming equipment needs to pay attention to the following during the summer use: 1.