Farmers should regularly clean poultry farming equipment and feeders

In many large-scale chicken farms equipment, mechanized chicken feeding machines are very common. With this type of feeder, the automatic feeding of the house can be realized, saving time and effort, and high efficiency. In order to ensure the efficiency

Reasonable installation of chicken nipple drinker

Large-scale breeding of chickens should choose breeding equipment so that the number of chickens increased, resulting in better economic benefits. Many farmers choose the nipple drinker as the water supply system. The nipple drinker has the advantages of satisfying the

The role of poultry farming equipment for laying hens and broilers

Nowadays, poultry farm equipment has become a necessary mechanized equipment for farmers to raise chickens, and the chicken industry is increasingly inseparable from the help of chicken equipment. The use of chicken equipment can make it easier for farmers to

How to improve the survival rate of brooding in chicken house

Chicks grow faster and metabolism is very fast, but the body temperature regulation ability is poor, so it is necessary to strengthen feeding management to improve the survival rate of chicks. 1. Buying good quality chicks is not too much

How is poultry farming equipment more scientifically disinfected?

The use of poultry farming equipment to raise chickens, the density of chickens is relatively large, so the sanitary environment and bacteria of the chicken houses will be more serious. The hygienic environment of the house requires the farmers to

What should I do if the broiler aquaculture production is low?

The breeding ground for broilers is very important. When breeding broilers, no matter what farming method, the chicken house should be built in a place where the sun is ventilated. Keep away from the polluted areas such as urban areas

Chicken farm automatic feeding machine introduction

The automatic feeder is one of the most important equipment in chicken farming equipment. Next, the author will tell you about its use and precautions. First, the structural principle The automatic feeder consists of a lifting feeder, a feeder and

Scientifically improve chicken feed utilization

Feed costs account for about 60% to 70% of the total chicken production cost, so how to improve feed utilization is particularly important. When formulating feed, it is necessary to select suitable feed ingredients according to the digestive physiology characteristics

Several measures to improve the efficiency of layers

In the process of automatic development of culture, the battery layer cage mode has been widely recognized by the laying hens. This farming method has a small footprint, high space utilization rate, and stratified cleaning of chicken manure, which not

How should the rainy weather respond?

In the summer, too much rain will cause the house to be too humid. If you do not do the ventilation and dehumidification work, it will affect the health of the chicken. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the ventilation