It is very important to raise chick in chicken house

Everyone raises chickens from the chickens. It is like raising small chickens. Good feeding can lay a foundation for future growth and production. Nowadays, chicken farms are all artificial brooding. Artificial brooding requires scientific methods and reasonable breeding in chicken

Structure and maintenance of fan equipment for chicken raising equipment

Nowadays, many chicken farms choose to use the chicken farming equipment fan when they are working on ventilation, and they have achieved good results. Therefore, many farmers are purchasing fan equipment for raising chickens. In the process of using the

Summary of broiler farm breeding experience

There are two things to raise a chicken: the first is to know what the broiler needs. The second is how to give it what it needs. The first is temperature. The principle of temperature control is high and low.

Layer rearing technology using poultry farming equipment

The use of poultry farming equipment to raise laying hens is to use large-scale, automated farming with cage-raising and automated chicken feeding equipment. How to ensure health, high yield and high quality in this way is a concern for all

Scientific brooding technology to improve the survival rate of chicks

Brooding generally refers to feeding management from the stage of shelling to de-warming. In the production of chickens, the management of chicks is the key to improving the efficiency of chickens. The brooding technology not only directly affects the survival

How to maintain chicken feeding equipment?

Nowadays, many farmers use poultry farm equipment to help them raise chickens and make chicken farming easier. Within each chicken farm, more or less chicken equipment exists. What equipment is needed to raise chickens depends on the actual needs of

About some Preparation before brooding

Development and implementation of brooding plans: How many batches are raised each year, and how many chicks are raised in each batch must be planned according to the needs and conditions of production. The season of brooding is generally best

Management points for large-scale poultry breeding equipment when raising chickens

With the continuous development and renewal of the chicken industry, many large and medium-sized chicken farms are gradually developing into the road of large-scale layer rearing equipment. It allows farmers to raise more chickens, and it is easier, more mechanized

Why can chickens catch cold without ventilation?

Sometimes the temperature control of the house is very stable, there is no ventilation, and there is no chicken blowing. How can the chicken still get cold and will it develop? Cooling can occur in many aspects of chicken raising,

Advantages of using chicken farm equipment for laying hens and broilers

Nowadays, chicken farming equipment has become a necessary mechanized equipment for farmers to raise chickens, and the chicken industry is increasingly inseparable from the help of chicken feeding equipment. The use of chicken farming equipment can make it easier for