Rational use of chicken cages

Poultry equipment manufacturers believe that chicken cages are divided into cages, layer cages, and broiler cages. How to use chicken cages to raise chickens is very important in the production of chickens. The application methods of several chicken cages are

Mistakes in Laying Hen Breeding

In recent years, laying hens have gradually entered a moderate scale and developed in an automated direction. However, there are still some misunderstandings in farming. How should these misunderstandings be avoided? First: good equipment can raise chickens: There are many

How to choose the chicken cage equipment skillfully?

Compared with the major farms, farmers can see that the use of chicken cages to raise chickens has become the main chicken raising method and trend in the chicken industry. It is a good helper for farmers to achieve intensive

Scientific farming: raising broiler chicken

Now if you want to raise the chicken, healthy chicken, full-price nutrition, suitable environment, and healthy body. These four conditions are indispensable.  First, the health of the chick is the most important, it directly determines the benefits. Because the health

Key points of management of chicken group onset period

In the process of raising the laying hens and broilers in the farm, the factors such as the environment, stress, and spread will cause the chickens to develop diseases. The disease of chickens is a phenomenon that farmers may present