Benefits of using egg laying equipment

Since the emergence of the automatic quail egg machine, the chicken cage equipment accessories are no longer as busy and chaotic as the laying hens, but present an orderly scene, which is an automatic quail egg machine for the laying

How do caged hens prevent broken eggs?

In the process of laying hens, reducing the egg breaking rate can improve the breeding efficiency, so how to reduce the egg laying rate of caged hens? 1. Select the appropriate chicken battery cages based on the breed and weight

How to prevent chicken feed mildew?

There is a lot of harm in the mildew of chicken feed, so how to prevent chicken feed mildew with poultry equipment for sale? Measures to prevent mildew in feed (1) Control moisture. The excessive moisture content in the feed

The main points of chick feeding management

The main points of chick feeding management The management of chicks is very good, and the breeding rate of chicks has a great relationship with the whole chicken production. Therefore, in the production of chickens, it is necessary to grasp

How to raise chicken in rainy days

It is not easy to raise chickens in rainy days in poultry cage equipment.Continuous rainy weather is very unfavorable for farming. So, how do experienced chicken farmers face continuous rainy weather? Generally speaking, the weather in the rain is low

What are the current models of raising chickens?

What are the current models of raising chickens? Chicken raising is a very old farming project, and now many people choose to engage in the chicken industry. Compared with raising pigs and raising cattle, raising chickens is relatively small, but

Why do layers need to fill light? How to make up?

Laying hen farmers know that not only chicken battery cages are important in the process of raising chickens, but also light supplementation is important. Because laying hens need 16 hours of light a day, obviously if no one fills in

How important is the device to temperature

Generally, chicken house environmental control devices are provided on the chicken equipment to achieve reasonable control of the temperature and humidity of the house. In order to ensure the growth of chicks, etc., the regulation of chicken house temperature should

What is the reason for the decline in laying rate of laying hens?

With the development of the chicken industry, more and more people use automatic poultry farming equipment and chicken battery cages to raise chickens. The winter and spring season is a season in which more eggs are used. If the laying

laying hen management in Summer

The ideal ambient temperature for laying hens in poultry farming equipment for sale in the summer is 15 ° C ~ 25 ° C, the best performance in this temperature range. However, in summer, due to factors such as heat