What is the most important thing about raising chicken?

Chicken is a very popular poultry on the market, and there are more and more people who use automated chicken farming equipment to raise chicken. When raising chickens, daily management is particularly important, and it is necessary to make a

How to change the feed for chicken

In the process of raising chickens in poultry farming equipment, due to the different nutrients required at different stages, the raw materials sometimes change, and refueling is inevitable. If the refueling is not proper, it will cause greater stress on

How to deal with the low egg production rate of layer?

Factors affecting the ability of laying hens to make money 1. Chicken seedlings: The breeder farm provides the quality of the chicks. Choose a chicken farm for the purification of Salmonella and Mycoplasma. It is best to use qualified chickens

Why add vitamins to chickens?

In the chicken poultry farming equipment to raise chicken, not only should pay attention to the light of the chicken house but also pay attention to the quality of the chicken feed, but also timely add vitamins to the chicken

Main points of standardized management of chicken farm equipment

1. Reasonable division of the chicken house area: Now the chicken is no longer raised or raised in the same way as before. There is no regional division in the chicken house. The equipment raises chickens. The farmers should make

How to raising Free-range chick in summer

Many people choose to choose free-range chickens, because the chickens have more space to reduce feed consumption and lower feeding costs. So what are the problems to avoid when raising chickens in the summer?   1. There are many thunderstorms in

Precautions for using laying equipment

The use of chicken cages to raise chickens is a popular chicken raising method in the chicken industry. The chicken cages are raised in a multi-layer cage. The breeding density is large and the number is large. It is very

How to use automated chicken farming equipment?

The automatic chicken raising equipment is the equipment for assisting chicken raising in the chicken industry in recent years. There are many types of automatic chicken raising equipment. Different equipments can help farmers to complete different chicken raising work, which

Chicken medicine misunderstanding

Chickens can’t avoid getting sick during growth and development in Poultry Equipment for Sale . At this time, it is necessary to take the correct method to feed the chickens. However, there are many misunderstandings in feeding the medicines. These

Chicken cage heat preservation and ventilated contradiction

In spring, the external temperature gradually turns from cold to warm, with large temperature difference between day and night, dry air and frequent respiratory diseases. Therefore, raisers in the spring chicken cage feeding management, should grasp the following points. Do