How to improve broiler chicken appetite

When we raise chickens in poultry farming cage, we sometimes find that the broiler will have a picky eater because of seasonal changes or because of changes in feed. If it is not stopped in time, it will affect the

Performance characteristics of the chicken battery cages

Layer battery cages equipment is the first choice for large-scale, intensive and automatic layer feeding at home and abroad.It has the following characteristics: (1) small area, high space utilization, easy to realize intensive and large-scale feeding. (2) the stratified cleaning

Chicken cage management knowledge

1. Keep warm. The cold weather in the early spring has brought a lot of inconvenience to the production of chickens, especially the effect of low temperature on laying hens. Therefore, under normal circumstances, it is possible to increase the

How to manage the sick chicken

When the chicken is sick in chicken farm equipment , reasonable management is more important, and management will get good results. After the onset of chicken, the body temperature is often elevated and the metabolism is disordered. Therefore, the nutrients

How to raise and manage the laying hens?

1. Preparation before entering the breeding room 1.1 Environmental disinfection: comprehensive herbicidal disinfection around the breeding room, high-pressure washing in the chicken farming equipment, spraying or soaking with 10% to 20% lime solution on the ground. After drying, clean the

What are the main equipment needed to automate layer farming?

The main equipment needed for automated laying hens are: egg cages, automated drinking lines, automated feeders, automated decontamination machines, automatic temperature control ventilation equipment and automatic egg collection equipment. 1. Layer cages: layer battery cages for cage laying equipment can

Broiler feeding management focus

The third week of broiler breeding is the most critical period of growth. If broilers grow fast and do not get sick, then the feeding management of chicks is very important. What is the focus of broiler feeding management? During

How to choose the right chicken cage?

According to experience, different types of chickens have different cages, especially some broilers with relatively large weight. The cages of common broiler breeders are specially made. In addition, farmers should pay attention to the following points when purchasing chicken cages:

Laying hen feed nutrition

Moisture: Moisture is a tool for various nutrients. The metabolism and various biochemical reactions of chicken growth and development require water to participate. The elimination of waste in the body also requires water to transport. The water also regulates body

What should I pay attention to when winter comes?

Friends who use poultry farming equipment, winter is coming, what measures should we take to ensure that our chickens have stable egg production? The analysis is as follows: 1. Ventilation and insulation This is a relatively contradictory topic, but it