Why use chicken cages to raise chickens?

Chicken cage chicken raising is a common breeding mode in the chicken industry. However, there are still very few farmers who prefer to use the traditional free-range model for breeding. It is always believed that using chicken cages to raise

The importance of regular disinfection of chicken house

Chicken Poultry Equipment for Sale is used in chicken houses. It can cause a large number of pathogens when used for a long time. If it is not likely to be infected, it is very important to disinfect the chicken

The benefits of using caged chicken cages to raise chickens

In the chicken industry, the most primitive way to raise chicken is to improve your self-sufficiency. Later, with the development of the economy, many farmers began to use a free-range model to raise a group of chickens for sale, and

Mistakes in raising chicken poultry farming cage

In the low temperature in winter, it has a certain impact on the breeding of chickens. Some chicken misunderstandings will occur frequently, such as reluctance to keep warm, or ignore ventilation, which are all misunderstandings of raising chickens. First, reluctant

How should the chicken house solve the windy weather?

We all know that ventilation in the house is very important, especially after entering the winter, many farms often only pay attention to keep chicken battery cages warm and keep the house tight and not ventilated, which will speed up

The role of water in raising chicken

when we are raising chicken in poultry farm broiler cages, water is very important for the health, growth and yield of chickens. 1, the physiological function of water. Water is a very important role in the digestion and metabolism of

Chicken cage system introduction

The chicken cage is the main body of the chicken equipment. Its configuration and structural parameters determine the stocking density. Chicken cage equipment can be divided into full-step, half-step, battery cage. Full step chicken cage Full-step chicken cages are generally