Shelled Chicks Should Drink Water Early

Winter and spring are the golden season for chicken brooding. Chicks must be allowed to drink water within 24 hours after shelling in your poultry farming equipment, and the sooner they drink, the better. Because water helps the chicks to

Reasons for Feeding broilers Separately

1. Different growth speeds affect broilers’ growing fast in your poultry farm equipment. At 4, 6, and 8 weeks of age, the cocks are 13%, 20%, and 27% higher than the hens. If the male and female are mixed, the

How to add Vitamins to Chickens

Vitamins are essential nutrients for poultry to maintain life and normal physiological functions. Compared with other nutrients, poultry need very little vitamins. The lack of any kind of vitamins will cause some metabolic obstruction and confusion, and thus affect Poultry

How to Eliminate Low-yield Chickens?

How to determine low-yield chickens, farmers can observe the appearance of laying hens, if some hens have more complete feathers and are shiny, the feet and horny layers are dark yellow, shiny, and the activities are extremely flexible and fast,

Selection Criteria for High Quality Chickens

If you want to know that is there the benefit in broiler farming process, you should know more about the management of poultry broiler farming production, the other is to look at your chieken feed, and the prerequisite for success